The Main Reasons Why You Should Hire Local Law Firms

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Most of us have come across those flashy commercials advertising some of the biggest law firms in the world, thinking that they are probably the best option whenever something legally-related comes up.

But is it really the case? Even though these commercials can be very convincing, the truth is, that these huge law firms are usually not as devoted, effective, and compassionate as they appear to be.

That doesn’t mean that they should be avoided, it just means that frequently precisely local firms are a much better option. If you’re still unsure about that, then maybe you should take a look at these facts below.

Top Reasons Why Hiring A Local Advocate Is A Great Decision

Local Solicitors Are As Equally Knowledgeable As The “Bigger” Ones

Do not let the term “popular”, or “large firm” fool you into thinking that just because they’ve placed these adjectives they are way better. Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that if you hire a lawyer from a place, such as New York, or Los Angeles, you’ll be getting a better service.

That’s definitely far from the truth and it is time to dispel that myth. For instance, we’ve stumbled upon numerous reviews that showcase that you can find amazing attorneys in Philadelphia, especially personal injury lawyers who have a plethora of experience when it comes to medical malpractice, birth injury, vehicle accidents, etc. This just goes to show that while there are excellent talents in some of the world’s famous cities, you can most certainly be properly represented by a qualified, skilled local advocate.

Let’s not forget the fact that a fixed and/or hourly rate of a local attorney is far less than if you decide to hire a more “popular” one.

With A Local Law Firm, You’ll Be Able To Lower Your Expenses

As mentioned above, both fixed and hourly rates are lower when compared to a big city law firm. Besides, if you opt for a premium solicitor, you will be obligated to pay for flights, or mileage whenever your advocate must travel because of your case.

And not just that. You will also have to take care of his or her accommodation, meals he/she is having, and many other expenses. That’s surely not the case with a local firm, which instantly means you’ll be saving a lot of money.

They Are Familiar With The Practices In Local Courts

It is widely known that every court has different rules. If you decide to hire an advocate that’s non-local, then bear in mind that he or she can potentially offend the judge because he/she isn’t familiar with the rules of customary practices.

No matter how knowledgeable and experienced they are, there’s always something that non-local lawyers overlook, starting from procedural norms, such as who should be at a hearing, to numerous customs, etc.

Everything Is Far More Convenient

The truth is, there’s nothing worse than when you’re not able to reach your lawyer whenever it’s necessary. For instance, when you hire a local solicitor, you’ll be able to see him/her face to face whenever your heart desires.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with bigger law firms. When working with them, you can usually rely only on emails or phone calls. These things become your only source of communication.

Local Advocates Spend, Invest And Hire Locally

In case you didn’t know, local business owners usually support other local firms for various personal and business reasons, hence, it’s safe to say that local lawyers/firms should be perceived as your neighbor who is doing everything that’s in their power to support local shops, hire local support staff and many other things.

Local Attorneys Are Well-Known In The Community

Every advocate is yearning to have a great reputation, and that’s particularly the case with local solicitors since they’re working in the “home court”. Whatever they do in the court will definitely influence the local courts’ impression of them.

So in order to make the best possible impression, they will think of some interesting and inventive strategies to advance your case and that’s something that non-local advocates won’t do.

They Normally Know The Local Judges And Opposing Attorneys

When you hire a “premium” lawyer it is highly likely that he/she has never met the judge before and isn’t familiar with his/her personality, likes & dislikes, etc. On the other hand, local advocates attend local conferences, mixers, and social events where they have the chance to meet both other local lawyers and judges.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why hiring a local law firm and/or advocate is a great idea. Now, it doesn’t mean that the “bigger” ones are not good, it just means that with local ones you’ll be able to prepare for your case much better.

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