3 Types of Lawyers You Might Need as an Employee

As an employee, you might never need to hire a lawyer or run into problems that warrant legal action and you enjoy a successful and satisfactory career.

However, there are many situations where a lawyer might be necessary. If you’re dealing with difficulties in the workplace. And you might need an attorney to step in and help you resolve the issues.

When you hire a lawyer, they will be able to guide you through the legal side of things. If you want to make a claim against your employer or another employee, they can formulate a strong case and represent you in court.

In this article, we’re going to cover three types of lawyers that you might need to hire as an employee to resolve conflicts, organize contracts, or make claims.

Types of Lawyers You Might Need as an Employee

There’s always a risk of things going wrong in the workplace. In some cases, difficult situations can arise through the wrongdoings or negligence of other people. And you’ll need an expert attorney to resolve these situations.

Wrongful Termination Lawyers

If you have been wrongfully dismissed from your job, you may be entitled to make a claim against your employer. Reasons for wrongful termination (also known as unfair dismissal) include discrimination against your personal characteristics. Or personal disagreements between you and your employer.

A wrongful termination lawyer can work with you to determine the wrongful reasons for your dismissal. They can represent you in court to help you either win your job back. Or gain compensation for the financial losses that you’ve experienced due to the dismissal.

Your lawyer will also provide at-will employment advice so you can determine the terms of your employment with your employer accordingly.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Accidents happen in the workplace and you can’t always expect them or prepare for them. While freak accidents are unavoidable, many workplace incidents are completely preventable. And occur due to poor health and safety workplace practices.

When you are in an accident at work and get seriously injured, there’s a chance that you could make a claim. If the accident was due to somebody else’s negligence or error. And they may be liable for the injuries and trauma that you have sustained.

If you hire a personal injury lawyer, they can represent you in court so that you can get compensation for the financial losses and trauma that you’ve experienced from the accident.

Employment Lawyers

Both employers and employees can benefit from hiring employment lawyers. They can help employers to create contracts and ensure they are complying with all of the necessary legislation.

As a worker, you might need to hire a qualified employment attorney for the following reasons:

  • Resolving conflicts and hostility in the workplace
  • Checking your employment contract to make sure it’s fair
  • Helping you to negotiate your employment contract if you think it’s unfair
  • Helping to resolve issues with discrimination in the workplace
  • Representing you in court if you’ve been wrongfully dismissed from your job

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