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In the year 1987, 8th march Milana Vayntrub was born, she was born in the Soviet Union and who has started her career in America. She is identified as a comedian, actress, and activist. She is most recognized for her AT&T television commercialities. Where she portrays saleswoman Lily Adams. Anyone can recognize that character lily from att. Her mother is a Jewish refugee; Mialna started his career as a child actress. Her first television appearance in the year 2013, her famous TV serial name is AT&T. In this serial, she had been doing a feverous role of a saleswoman. This series was very successfully run in commercial television since 2020.

In the year 2015, she has engaged in another commercial TV series named was Other Space. After that Milana get in the short role on This Is Us in the year 2016. In the year 2018, she got a chance as a voice-over artist in the Marvel Rising. If you search Milana Vayntrub Instagram then you also can get her Instagram profile and you will also be connected on Instagram.

Milana Vayntrub early life:

Milana was born in Tashkent, which was situated in Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic now is in Uzbek.  When two years old she and her family had been relocated to the United States as refugees. After that, they have been shifted to West Hollywood. In West Hollywood, she had been started acting when she was five years old. Her debut commercial serial was Mattel Barbie. Due to her financial crisis, she has started her career in West Hollywood. 

Schooling and Education:

Her schooling life was in Beverly Hills High School. Milana dropped her school due to sophomore year. She achieved her Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communication that degree was from California University which is located in San Diego. Vayntrub has learned comedy with the Upright Citizen Brigade. If you search Milana Vayntrub Instagram then you will get her Instagram account you will get updated with the help of her Instagram account.

Milana Vayntrub struggle:

She is a very prominent actress and her debut commercial TV serial was NBC where she had been performed in three episodes in the year 1995. She has been collaborated with Stevie Nelson on YouTube and produced several short videos from the Live Prude Girls channel. After that this channel has been ranked 100 out of 93, which has been featured on New Media Rockstars. Milana has been started a small role in TV commercials and films, some of the popular series are Life Happens and Silicon Valley. She has appeared in various tv shows but she get prominence after she started appearing in lily from att. She also was doing different types of College Humor videos. If you search Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub Instagram on Google then you will get her Instagram account. There you will see different types of recent activities and you will also connect with her Instagram account.

A career in a TV commercial:

From the year 2013 to 2016, she played a saleswomen role in the TV commercial for AT&T, where her name was Lily Adams. A very popular character is lily from att. Milana also played another series in 2015; this series name was Other Space which was broadcast on Yahoo! Screen. In this series, her name was Tina Shukshin. This series has been directed by Paul Feig. In the year 2015, she also played Ghostbuster Reboot, that also directed by Paul Feig. Milana has been played this series along with the same casting of Other Space. She has shared the screen with the same cast members as Neil, Karan, Eugene, and Bess. In the years 2016 and 2017, Milana has appeared in a famous television series. That name was This Is Us, which was a complete love story, where she performed very well and she recognized a renowned actress in the US.

Who is Lily? 

Anyone can recognize the character of lily. Milana Vayntrup is most known for lily from att. She starred in more than 40 AT&T commercials between 2013-2017. Where lily was a salesperson. She was seen as a young salesgirl who understood customers very well. She returned to her role in 2020. 

Last year come in Instagram live and spoke about sexual comments and harassment she received as a result of appearing for lily from att. 

She said she is not upset because of people’s opinions, she just clarified her statement that she is just doing her job, nothing else. Everyone should understand her. Milana also revealed in an interview she was surprised that she received support from the audience after opening up.

Milana Vayntrub’s achievement in TV series:

Vayntrub got success in 2017; in the following year, she got a chance in Marvel Comics where she had played the lead role of Squirrel Girl who was a superheroine. That was broadcast on New Warriors TV. In this comic series, she got awarded by different award shows. She was recognized as a good actress in the United States. This year she attempts to do another series with Freeform, unfortunately, that has been canceled. After the cancellation of this story, she had been working as a voice-over artist in the Marvel Rising.

When we talk about her achievement that word that always comes in lily from att. This is the best achievement of her career. This character is her turning point. AT&T featured a salesgirl who dressed in a powder blue shirt and told customers about the latest offer. Lots of people have always searched for the name of the actor who played the role of lily.

Their character was the same character Squirrel Girl. If you want to get more information about Milana, then search on Google Milana Aleksandrova Vayntrub Instagram. There you will get different information about Milana and you will also see different types of activities on Instagram. 

Movies and short films:

She also played different types of roles in different movies. She did not have such great movies in Hollywood but she claimed a good actress as well. In the year 2019, she has been selected for the Little Helpers movie and that has been premiered at South by Southwest. In this previous year month of April 2020, Comedy Central has been released sketch videos of Milana and Akilah Hughes. This series name was Making Fun With Vayntrub and Akilah. She also was doing a live streaming show that name was Quibi. She also did many short films which were very popular on YouTube and other OTT platforms.

Milana Vayntrub’s activism:

In the year 2016, Milan had been meeting with refugee families in Greece. After returning, this meeting she created a website and social media movement that has been named can’t do anything to the spotlight. In this way, she is identified as a protester in Europe.


This article is all about Milana Vayntrub. In this article, you can see how she can struggle at the age of five. You also know some facts about how she can get involved in different commercial TV shows and as well as movies. But she is mostly recognized for her lily saleswomen character. Anyone can recognize lily from att character. She also has done different short films that have been played on different OTT platforms. 

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