John Edward Thomas Moynahan – Bio, Age, Family and More

John Edward Thomas Moynahan belonged to a famous family in America. He is the son of an actress named Bridget Moynahan who is part of the Irish American Industry. Moreover, his father is a football player of the National Football League named Tom Brady who used to play as a quarterback. He lives in New York City, USA. Though the couple never got married and were just in a relationship since 2004, they never filed a divorce case as such.

However, the couple got separated in 2006, but they maintain a civil relationship. However, John was born in 2007, currently, he is 14 years old. and Since then John Edward Thomas Moynahan has been in the center of the news as he belongs to a popular family. The most interesting fact is despite being so popular the news of the pregnancy of Bridget was kept secret.

Moreover, John also has step-siblings who are named Vivian Lake Brady and Benjamin Brady. After they broke up, Tom dated Gisele who is a Brazilian model. They met through blind dates and got married privately. Moreover, John is quite close to his stepmom and has a very healthy relationship. Additionally, John is quite close with his step-siblings as well and the media have seen them watching football matches together. Here, you can know more about the biography of John Edward Thomas Moynahan.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan Biography

Real Name           John Edward Thomas Moynahan

Birthday               2007 (Age 13 Years)

Birthplace             Santa Monica, California, USA

Parents                  Tom Brady, Bridget Moynahan

Grandparents       Galynn Patricia Brady, Tom Brady Sr., Edward Bradley Moynahan, Mary Bridget Moynahan

Nationality            American

Zodiac Sign            Leo

Age                           13 Years Old (As Of 2020)

Profession               Student

Height                      5 Feet

Weight                      36 Kgs

Shoe size(us)            4.5

School                        Homeschooling.

Hobbies                     Playing Soccer And Football

Favorite Food           Donuts And Pizza

Favorite Actress       Emma Watson.

Favorite Actor           Robert Downey Jr.


John Edward Thomas Moynahan birthday

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s birthday is on 22nd August 2007. Moreover, he was a native of California, US. By nationality, he is American. As per John Edward Moynahan’s zodiac sign, it is Leo. As a student, he is currently pursuing studies from a home-based school. As of now, he is more focused on studies and likes to indulge in sports. Moreover, he likes to spend time with his family and friends. Likewise, he is just enjoying his time in studies and games, the way a 13-year-old does.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan age, height, and weight

As of now, John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s age is just 13 years and he is 5 feet. Moreover, he weighs around 36 kgs. As a school kid, he is quite active and physically fit. In addition, the color of his eyes is brown. As per some articles, his hobbies include playing soccer and football. As per his mother Bridget, he is willing to earn his gold medal in swimming in the future. Not to mention, Bridget raised him as a single mother and took care of his responsibilities.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan loves to spend time reading and watching television series. Moreover, he loves to eat pizza and donuts. According to his parents, he is a fan of Emma Watson and his favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr. In addition, as per media, he is not very much active in social media.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan grandparents

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s grandparents are Tom Brady sr. and he is Galynn Brady. Apart from that he also has grandparents from his mother’s side. They are named Edward Bradley Moynahan, Mary Bridget Moynahan respectively.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s father

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s father Tom Brady is a famous American football player who plays quarterback for team Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Moreover, he is a record holder and has received many awards. He is the son of Tom Brady Sr. Furthermore, he was born in San Mateo, California. Tom Brady had started dating Bridget, and separated before John was born.

Apart from that Tom is also very much involved in politics. He is also a friend of Donald Trump. Moreover, he is also a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and physical exercise. In addition, he takes care of his diet effectively.

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s mother

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s mother Kathryn Bridget Moynahan is one popular actress who was born on 28th April 1971. As per a report, she started her career as a model and later got opportunities in Coyote Ugly, The Journey Home, I Robot, Grey Matters, Prey, Noise, John Wick: Chapter 2.

Moreover, we have also seen him in the television series Blue Bloods as assistant district attorney. Furthermore, as per news reports, she was very happy to take the responsibilities as a single mother. Right now, she is married to a businessman named Andrew Frankel. 

John Edward Thomas Moynahans’s Relationship with parents

John Edward is a celebrity kid as well as he is a celebrity child. Having a mother like popular actress Bridget Moynahan and father Tom Brady always gets different focus. Bridget and Tom are stars dating in the year 2004 and both are committed till December 2006.  After that, she announced her three months pregnancy in public. And J0hn was born in 2007.  But they did not start their family. They break up and Tom moves in with his other Brazilian model girlfriend named Gisele Bundchen.    


Moynahan and Tom are now both happily remarried and do a co-parenting agreement, it’s working pretty well. The co-parenting agreement allows John to love everyone. And John has a very close relationship with his stepmother, Gisele Bundchen. John spent quality time with his father at a different home. Which is located in Brookline, Massachusetts, Montana, big sky, and new york.

They are seen clicking pictures together. After Tom Brady married, John became the older half-siblings. Their names are Benjamin and Vivian Brady.

Hobbies and favorites

John Edward was mostly interested in sporting activities. He loves and enjoys playing football and also enjoys watching TV, playing with friends, and reading.  He likes to eat doughnuts and pizza. He likes to spend his holidays in California. Robert Downey Jr. is his favorite actor. And the favorite actress is Emma Watson. Blue is John’s favorite color.

John Edwar Thomas relationship

John is not dating anyone right now. He is too young for relationships. He is a student and he is focusing on his studies right now. He is currently homeschooled and he is very good at studying.

Social media

As I already say he is too young that’s why he is not active on social media. His father handles social media sites and he is often seen on his parent’s profiles. His father has huge followers on social media. He has 8 million followers on Instagram. 

John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s net worth

John Edward Thomas Moynahan belongs to a rich family. As his parents are already popular celebrities in their respective fields, he is the heir of huge property. Moreover, His father, Tom Brady already has a very successful career in sports and is the highest-paid athlete with $235 million to his name. Not to mention, he also has some immovable property to his name. His mother Bridget has almost $25 million to her name too. So, John Edward Thomas Moynahan is well off and living in posh villas.

Few interesting facts about John Edward Thomas Moynahan

  • Gotham Chopra has recently made a documentary named Tom vs Time. It showcased the achievements of his father.
  • John’s father had sold vitamins during the covid- 19 pandemic. Moreover, he claimed that it would help to increase immunity. However, people were not interested in his product.
  • John is a die-hard fan of football and knows everything about it
  • He has a loving relationship with his siblings and stepmother.
  • His father is more inclined towards a healthy lifestyle and a plant-based diet.
  • John and his dad shared a kiss which became a huge controversy.
  • John Edward Thomas Moynahan s pet name is Jack
  • After the Blue Blood series, his mother Bridget became a hugely popular star.
  • When his mother was just three months pregnant, Bridget shared a photo in a magazine.
  • John likes to split his time with his parents.
  • He also got awards for his reading talents.
  • His favorite color is blue.


Like his parents, John Edward Thomas Moynahan is  also quite popular among the media. John’s parents are popular in their respective fields.  Which is one of the main reasons for his popularity moreover, he is a talented kid who likes to watch various sports. In addition, he is equally interested in watching television series and movies. He is also very close to his other family members. Tom and John spend more time together. In a radio station interview, Tom said that he would never stop John from choosing his dream. John loves football and he wants to be an Olympic goalie. No doubt he is a very talented kid. In the future he might become more popular because of his bright career. Apart from that, he is also interested in a healthy lifestyle and organic foods.


1. Who is John Edward Thomas Moynahan?

He is a celebrity kid.

2. Who are John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s parents?

His father is Tom Brady and his mother is Bridget Moynahan.

3. When was John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s birthday?

He was born on 22nd August 2007.

4. How much is the net worth of John Edward Thomas Moynahan?

The net worth is approximately $235 million

5. What are John Edward Thomas Moynahan’s hobbies?

Playing Soccer And Football.

6. How old is John Edward Thomas Moynahan?

As of now, he is 13.

7. What is his profession?

As of now, he is a student.


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