How Can You Sell Your Firearms Online Legally?

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By Sarah Jay

Should you want to sell your firearms online, you need to approach a legally authorized platform. Familiarize yourself with existing gun laws beforehand, to avoid placing yourself in a risky position.

The safest option is to contact an authorized dealer on platforms like and allow them to lead you through the process. Though it is legal to sell your gun online across the United States, the transfer of ownership formalities varies between states.

Two Routes

Online sale of guns is legally permissible through either of these two routes that offer secure payment modes:

A Classified Website

When listing your weapon on a classified site, you need to quote a price alongside. If you quote too low a price, you end up losing out on making more money, while too high a quotation deprives you of a buyer. When you are in a hurry to get rid of your firearm, a classified website proves to be a savior.

An Online Auction

Here, the market places a price tag for your guns on sale. Based on the detailed description of your weapon, close-up pictures posted, and starting price, the bidding process commences. Once all the bids are duly submitted, the highest bidder pays for your firearm.

You can be sure that your gun will sell eventually and quite possibly for a price higher than expected as interested bidders outdo each other’s bids.

Research Is Key

If you have little knowledge about the weapon in your possession, it is worth doing extensive research on it. Only then can you draft a fittingly transparent description to post online and entice potential buyers.

As long as you know the model and make of your firearm, you can access all its relevant details from the internet. Better still is to connect with licensed specialists, who know more about guns and are ever willing to evaluate what you have to offer.

Once these professionals duly assess your firearm, a fair purchase offer is made. When you sell to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder, your responsibility ends there. A specialized agency undertakes the subsequent process of documenting and registering the gun.

Shipping Your Gun

You should ship your gun to a valid FFL holder located in the vicinity of the online buyer, who is willing to receive the shipment. The buyer will have to clear a background check and complete the required paperwork, to collect the weapon.

Considering you do not know the online buyer personally, make it clear at the outset that you will only ship the weapon to an FFL holder. Always verify the FFL number provided and confirm receipt of full payment before dispatching your consignment.

You can use a private carrier to ship your properly packed firearm. Take an insurance coverage that protects you against any mishap that may happen in transit. Always share the shipping tracking number with the buyer.

Throughout the online sale process, openly communicate with the buyer to rule out any misunderstandings.

Protect your interests by selling your unwanted weapons to a knowledgeable and authorized federal firearm dealer.

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