How Artificial Lighting Can Enhance Your Plants Growth

Isn’t it kinda weird that our ancestors just started growing plants? It seems pretty normal to us now, but how did they know how to plant them and how to take care of them? We know what a potato looks like right now, but potatoes have changed a lot over the last thousands of years. How did they know they can grow potatoes and make them better by continuing to grow them? There are a lot of questions regarding ancient agriculture and the genius behind it.

It is good that we continued to make our ancestors proud with the technology we have right now. Artificial lighting is one such discovery that is vital for modern agriculture. Without it, a lot of crops and other types of plants would not make it, especially today. This type of technology is integral and it is important to understand why this will be the new norm very soon.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants can live with less sunlight, but not completely without it. This is where LED grow lights come in handy for making sure your indoor plants get the light they need. Artificial light is not really different from natural light, the end product is the same. The point of light, or in other words photons, is to have enough energy to excite pigments in plants. If the light has strong enough photons, the plant will not notice any difference.

It does not matter if it comes from a giant orb of helium or an LED, photons of certain strength are photons. Indoor plants love to feast on delicious photons so they can rip out electrons from water. It is just like cacti, they can live with little to no water. But, cacti live much better when they have a stable source of water. In the same way, indoor plants can live and thrive better if they have a stable source of light.

Unstable weather

The climate is changing rapidly, and plants can not adapt that fast. Even though we might not hear about it, so many crops have already died this year. Too much sunlight is also very bad for plants, it can burn them to smithereens.

In such dire times, having reliable artificial lighting can help out plants. Too much sunlight leads to tougher storms and thus less sunlight in the following weeks. These light fluctuations are very stressful to plants, which is not the case with artificial lighting.


Winter is coming and so many plants do not like winter for many reasons. For example, you may be able to grow lemons in the summer, the lemon will love it. However, lemon is made to grow around the Mediterranean, not around above or below it. This is why lemon trees must be put indoors during the winter if you do not live in the Mediterranean or similar regions. With artificial lighting, you will be able to keep it both warm and well-fed until winter passes.

Early start

Artificial lighting is great for getting an early start with your crops. During winter, the receptors inside the seeds can not be fully triggered. This is because there is not enough sunlight to start the germination cascade. Biochemical processes are based on the all-or-nothing principle, meaning there are no half measures.

However, with artificial lighting, you can trigger the germination cascade. Thus, your plants will start growing indoors and you can transfer them outdoors later. That way, you are making a secure start and the plants are usually stronger.

Lesser chance of contamination

Artificial lighting is used inside, which is great for keeping your plants healthy. When plants are outside, there is always a risk of contamination and disease. By growing them indoors, they will be much safer from these risks and you will not have to protect them.

A lot of money is spent on herbicides and insecticides that prevent these infestations. Besides the money, you are also avoiding contaminating your plants with these toxic chemicals. Your wallet and your plants will be very thankful for taking good care of them indoors.

Lesser chance of contamination

These are the main ways artificial lighting enhances your plants’ growth. By understanding these principles, you will be able to use artificial lighting to your advantage. It is important to understand the things around you in order to make this world a better place, for everyone.

By asking yourself a few things every once in a while, you will be able to change your outlook on this life. It really is not hard to get started and take this journey of learning things about this world. For some very weird reason, we are thought to leave our curiosity behind when we grow up.

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