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National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test ( NEET) was made mandatory forever aspiring future doctors in order to take admission for MBBS courses i.e. NEET but several states opposed the new syllabus proposed by MCI ( Medical Council of India). And on 18th July 2013, Supreme Court canceled the exam and announced 113 petitions against the exam, and said that MCI would not interfere in the admission process done by the colleges. Despite this MCI did not give up and in 2016 the exam took place in 2 phases.

NEET is a difficult and challenging exam but not impossible. NTA  recently released new detailed notification. The new changes that were made in the exam pattern for each subject have been divided into 2 sections for 200 questions in total 20 questions will be optional with a total of 720 marks the sections include Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology. Question types are all MCQs ( Multiple choice questions) with negative marking (-1) for every wrong answer and (+4) for every correct answer. The exam mode is offline ( pen and paper) for 3 hours. There is a maximum of 11 languages so that students can opt for any language of their choice to ensure uniformity in medical education across India.


Since NEET aspirants are constantly worried about completing the syllabus on time and while in the process of completion they find no time for revision. So here are the tips:

Study the syllabus:  

Many students might be thinking as to why they need to study the syllabus.  The syllabus lists the topics that students are required to study in order to pass the exam. The syllabus acts as a tool for the students and helps them to prepare and organize the course. Students often spend an enormous amount of time checking the syllabus, the topics, the sub-topics again and again till they decide what to study. Once the students ace the syllabus it will be easier for them to differentiate the syllabus and study the course accordingly and success will come knocking at the door.

Make a Rigid Plan:  

Now the question arises as to why students need a plan and why not just study and go with the flow? Planning is important in every aspect nothing goes accordingly if there is no plan or a strict schedule. Since the syllabus of NEET is so vast every student needs planning, by dividing the subject into different sets and portions and selecting a subtopic for each day and different timings from each and every subject.

Copies or A4 sheets?:  

Yes writing is good and it will enhance students’ memory but which one to opt for? Many students have a typical mindset where they think more the copy more knowledge. That’s totally wrong, students may write a lot in copies but once they have written in copies they won’t be able to add more. And hence they end up ruining the page with sticky notes. A4 sheets are highly recommended by everyone and why is that so? Taking notes from the professor or coaching teacher or even online classes are different students may add them in one copy but end up making separate copies for their personal notes always use A4 sheets for notes so wherever required students can add more sheets and put it in a file.

Books or the internet? :

Both have their own pros and cons, but where should a NEET aspirant start from? Books! The information given on books is totally legit and students can totally rely on them. The Internet can be used as 2nd option for reference, the internet has a different language and it becomes difficult for a student to understand so hence, always study from books first and then rely on the internet for reference.

Previous year’s practice papers:

Previous years practice papers are like lifesavers. Students always have this doubt on them thinking is studying enough? And that’s when practice papers come to the rescue, it helps the students to test their ability. So, their preparation and also identify their weakest subject so that they can work extra hard with that particular subject.

Talk with your seniors:

Despite the hectic schedule students must always take out some time. And have a talk with their seniors not only helps to boost their confidence but also helps them to sort out their thoughts and clear out their minds. Sometimes students get too much involved with studies that they forget their inner self. Inner self also plays a very important role along with success.

Professional guidance:

Yes just studying isn’t enough professional guidance is required for a student’s growth. Professionals not only help the students with their studies. And doubts but molds them in such a way they become perfect in every way. Professional will also teach the students various tricks as to how they can finish the paper fast. But yet again tricks can be used only in a few places but indeed they are helpful.


Just completing the syllabus isn’t enough be it any exam. Revisions are a part and parcel of every student’s life without them the students are nothing. It must be done a maximum of 5 times but revision does not only mean going through the words. Again and again, making notes too, but revision notes will also revision notes will make the students understand if they missed out something. And notes will make them remember more

Good rest  

Too much studying isn’t good for one’s health and hence the saying goes on “ health is wealth”. Along with studying students need good rest too in order to perform well and pass out with flying colors.

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