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There are companies on home warranty and Home Warranty Insurance Awards appreciates the work of those companies. These companies help the clients in every possible way. The companies get those awards to give amazing service to the consumers. In this particular industry, these companies are regarded as the leaders. It is important to maintain the cost of insurance. We need to keep the criteria high, which will help us earn respect from the customers. You should get the right guidance on Choice Home Warranty Awards.

Top Overall Home Warranty in 2024

There are more than 68 companies. The team has been giving Home Warranty Award. This has been judged as the “Best Overall” in 2024. We have checked the companies of home warranty. Choice offers the perfect coverage. This coverage includes appliances and systems. It consists of affordability and the number of exclusions. This award is based on the service to the customers. Every home warranty could not be right. On the other hand, Choice has been regarded as an excellent provider. It is important to thank them for an amazing 2024! The Choice Home Warranty Awards are inspiring the companies significantly.

Editor’s Choice Home Warranty 2024

Editor’s Choice Award has been won by American Home Shield. It is for Today’s Homeowner from the rest of the home warranties, which have been checked and rated. AHS has the top quality in the sector of home warranty. The company had significant coverage. There are small exclusions with the top limits in salary. The service to the customer is truly outstanding. The team discovered that it is quite costly. There are several value providers. The user will get what they are paying for. For this situation, a consumer will get a holistic plan of home warranty. The team is quite satisfied with the referral for American Home Shield. They fulfil the requirement of Choice Home Warranty Awards.

What is Choice Home Warranty?

This is a top company on home warranty. At Edison, New Jersey, the company has headquarters. The consumers get service contracts on behalf of the company. The goal is to find replacement or repair of the appliances and primary home systems. They do not work because of the depression. It helps the customers across the network. The total number of independent contractors is more than 15000. Choice Home Warranty has served one million homes throughout the nation. The company had handled a large number of service appeals for Choice Home Warranty Awards. The total number is more than 3 million. As a leader in this sector, Choice Home Warranty feels proud. The dispatching takes place automatically and it is proprietary. In the company, there is a technology for tracking.

The reviews of Choice Home Warranty are extraordinary. In 2009, the company was awarded Consumer Approved and Business Excellence. A survey has been conducted on the satisfaction of the customers. Choice Home Warranty Awards are given to companies showing dedication in their service. .

Primary Features of Choice Home Warranty Plan

Choice Home Warranty presents the expenditure flexibly. In the market, the company presents a holistic home warranty. The policies are modifiable and it includes air conditioning and heating. It includes primary appliances, plumbing and electrical appliances. The primary appliances are refrigerators and stoves. There are exclusions and limitations in the plan.

The service contract of Choice Home Warranty includes the following:

  • Ducts and heating systems
  • Plumbing process
  • Electrical network
  • Water heaters
  • Gadgets in the kitchen, consisting of range, oven, cooktop, stove, microwave and dishwasher.
  • Disposal of garbage
  • Bathtub in Whirlpool
  • Stoppage in plumbing
  • Opener of Garage door
  • Ceiling and exhaust fans

Award from Home Warranty Reviews

Choice Home Warranty has been selected by the website Homewarranty Reviews for People’s Choice Award in the year 2020. The website started the awards ceremony in 2012. It is the Home Warranty Awards. The goal is to motivate companies of home warranty. The criteria is to enhance the delivery of service. The companies giving the perfect service to the consumers get this award. It also includes digital experience and processing of claims. This is meant for the total cycle of the contract. We need to understand the criteria for Choice Home Warranty Awards.

Advantages of Winning The Choice Home Warranty Awards

There are several advantages of winning Choice Home Warranty awards. There are two benefits. They are as follows:

High level of trust and popularity

Those who win the Choice Home Warranty Award, improve the popularity in the profession. The company becomes reliable in the eyes of the consumer. This company is the best in the field of home services.

Rise in chances and online presence

The award winners acquired a high level of online presence. It showed the doors for amazing partnerships. There are new collaborations in the sector.

Constant Development: Process of Improving Quality

The development is going on constantly. It promotes creativity and creates a limit for the industry.

Promotes Creativity and commitment

Choice Home Warranty Awards work to improve creativity in the field. It inspires the experts tremendously. It helps the professionals develop their talent. It helps the companies develop their quality of service.

Creating criteria for the field

We need to point out the amazing achievements. The companies show that they are fulfilling the criteria of professionalism. They are setting new standards in the industry of home service.

Priority of The Home Warranty for The Sellers and The Buyers

Home warranties have been regarded as an important investment. On the other hand, they are smart for the sale and purchase of houses. The sellers and buyers get protection from the home warranty. In the contract for the Choice Home Warranty, there might be buyers for the first time or veterans. It is important to ensure that expenditure will be borne by Choice Home Warranty Awards. It includes repairing appliances and systems. There are a lot of advantages in the contract of Choice Home Warranty. The advantages are as follows:

The claims are made in the online mode and also over the phone. The fees for the service call are quite low. This is irrespective of the genuine cost of service. There is protection of the budget for sudden substitution and repairs.

Coverage of Home Warranty on The Salesman

The home has a wonderful tool for selling and Home Warranty has been identified for Choice Home Warranty Awards. When a home possesses a warranty, it is sold at more than $2300 and more. It has been found that the house is sold about 11 days before the home in the absence of warranties. The consumer can avoid the problems and money also. The buyers are drawn towards homes having warranties. The home has an advantage in the market filled with rivals. The investment will be taken special care after getting the guarantee from the home buyers. The home sellers get safeguarded from the home buyers. They are meant for substitution and repair at the time of sale. The closing will be withheld due to the repairs. The buyers get the reassurance.  The service contracts are completely transferable. The home sales are quite appealing and they are made at a high rate. The sales are accomplished quickly.  The liability decreases after the fall and the popularity increases.

What is The Difference between The Home Warranties and The Home Owners’ Insurance?

Those who are not accustomed with the issue might raise a question, “Do you find any difference between The homeowner’s insurance and the home warranty?” Homeowners insurance presents a safeguard from possible disasters. It includes hurricanes, fire and different disasters of nature. The homeowners save the user from the depreciation of the included items.” It is a form of damage and it has been available throughout the life of the appliances and mechanical systems. They are available outside and inside of our home. These things are mechanical and electrical and they are prone to accident or damage. It is important to know the difference which will help us understand the Choice Home Warranty Awards.


As per the information of Gallup Poll, out of 4 homeowners, three persons felt that the buyers get an advantage of a home warranty. It offered sellers and buyers mental peace. The substitution must have a small expenditure on the charge of service calls. The protection gives us additional comfort and the company winning Choice Home Warranty Awards gains the confidence of the buyers. This is associated with the costly purchases the majority of people accomplish in life.


Who is the CEO of Choice Home Warranty?

The team for the management of Choice Home Warranty consists of the founder Victor Hakim and CEO Jim Mostofi. The Chief Operations Officer is Marla Ramirez.

What is the duration of the Choice Home Warranty?

The company began in 2008. The headquarters is in Edison, New Jersey. Choice Home Warranty had a structure of more than 16000 technicians of service. It has been identified as 2 to 3 agents to observe the development in every request of service.

Can you cancel the Choice Home Warranty?

The plans of Choice Home Warranty have a contract of one year. On the other hand, a person can cancel this plan at any moment. To cancel your Choice Home Warranty, call customer service by dialling 888-373-7924.

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