A Guide to Green Card Application: What you Need to Know

There are many thousands of people who wish to enter the US, where they have equal opportunities and a chance to make a decent life and there are quite a few ways to obtain green card status. The green card status is a permanent residency for a person to live and work in the US and here are a few types of green card that you can apply for.

Employer sponsored green card

If you have an employer who is prepared to sponsor your application, you can approach a Las Vegas immigration law attorney to process your application. One condition is that you work for that employer for the duration of the contract and when your contract obligations end, you can work for another employer. If you have special skills, you should be able to attract a US employer and that is the hardest part of applying for an employer-sponsored green card.

Family-sponsored green card

If you have direct family members in the US and you wish to visit them; you must have a partner, parent or sibling to sponsor your green card application. Once you make contact with a leading Vegas law firm that specializes in greed card applications, they can help you to prepare the necessary documentation and they will keep you informed every step of the way. The US citizen who sponsors you must agree to be financially liable for you during your stay in the US. A leading immigration attorney would be happy to have a Zoom call with you to assess your status, which would lead to an initial consultation, and hopefully, that will lead to a successful outcome to your green card application. Click here for information on obtaining Euro residency.

Diversity green card

This is like a lottery where all applicants stand a chance of being included in the number of applicants that are granted permanent residency. Talk to an immigration attorney and they can help you register for this type of green card; it costs nothing to register and you have the same chance as anyone. Thousands of would-be immigrants strike it lucky with the Diversity green card scheme

Your sponsor, whether family or employer, must be proactive in the green card application process, while an experienced immigration lawyer based in Vegas can help you to prepare the documentation. If you have previously applied for a green card and your application was rejected, there are options and talking to an experienced immigration lawyer might make all the difference. If you would like to come and live and work in the US, but you don’t have any immediate family in the country, you can apply for a job online with a US company, and should you be successful, your potential employer can sponsor you and that is the first stage to obtaining US citizenship.

Make sure that you seek out a leading immigration attorney to help you prepare your application and you will maximize your chances of success.


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