A Guide To The Folding Driveway Gates Kit

What is a Folding Driveway Gate?

A folding driveway gate is a form of an electrically actuating gate or in simpler terms can be termed as a class of the electric gate. Such electric gates can be opened and closed easily by the electrically powered mechanism. As described by the name, these gates fold and open automatically based on sensors that perceive the movements of the upcoming visitors or vehicles. Hence, find a huge application in the domestic as well as commercial levels. Keeping this in mind, it is important to have the perfect and ideal folding driveway gates kit. The article further discusses the same and some of the guidelines to choose the best kit out of the number of choices available in the market.

Types of Folding Driveway:

Folding driveways are of the following types: –

  • Articulated ones allow the wide posts even in the smaller parking spaces and come with easy installation and simpler design when compared to the other models of the driveways. However, these are not aesthetically pleasing in general and are less preferred these days.
  • Underground driveways move directly to the pivot point of each gate leaf and have higher degrees of motion and freedom than the former. Such gates are widely used in the parking spaces and are available in large variations of aesthetic designs that meet the expectations of a wide number of customers.
  • Sliding driveways are used on steeper pathways. Generally, it comes into application in the cantilever gating systems. These are the most popular ones in the commercial buildings like hotels, offices, or other administrative buildings.

With automation and sensor-based equipment, these driveways are easy to operate and do not require much of the human intervention during the operation process. With a large number of varieties of the same, the folding driveway gates kit have become a wider choice amongst the general populace, as their primary choice for the driveways.

The general structure of the Folding Driveway

The folding driveways are categorized as bi-fold, tri-fold, or multi-fold based on the number of folds it undergoes during its normal operation. These are designed based on the considerations of a number of factors like dynamics of the system, material strength, speed of operation, and the required drive mechanics and solutions. These gates are designed to operate at sufficiently high speeds so that they meet the general traffic environment of that particular location. The designs are made considering all the factors of safety. Besides, they are set as per the industrial standards of the requirements.

The advantage over the conventional manual ones

Following are the advantages of the Folding Driveway gates kit over the conventional manual driveways or gates: –

  • Since these are automated, they can easily control the required traffic influx. Hence, have a better traffic management in the commercial buildings particularly.
  • They have a safe operation and do not involve much of the human intervention in their operation.
  • They can operate continuously without having any form of breakdown and require less maintenance than the conventional ones.

    automatic folding gates A Guide To The Folding Driveway Gates Kit
    automatic folding gates

The ideal parameters for the brand selection

When it comes to the selection of the brand for the folding driveway gates kit, the following parameters need to be looked upon: –

  • The brand value in the market and the wide customer base that it maintains
  • The design of the system such that it meets the desired requirements of the building space
  • The dynamics and overall functionality of the system such that it meets your general requirements
  • The customer service and satisfaction report of the brand

In a nutshell, having folding driveway gates kit is highly beneficial. Hence, you must carefully select the right kit of the reputed brand.

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