Gadgets Worth Checking Out in 2021

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By Jaylin

Technology is advancing faster than most of us can even keep up, and while this can be intimidating and even a little frightening, it’s also pretty cool. It seems like every single month there are new innovations on the market, all designed to improve our lives and offer us something bigger, better, safer, more helpful, more reliable, or more fun than what we’ve always known. Here are some important and useful gadgets that you might want to invest in, in 2021.

Home Security

Your physical safety is always something worth investing in, which is why good home security systems are the first devices on this list. Chances are, your system needs an update and 2021 has seen some amazing technological advancements to home security that can really add to both your safety and peace of mind. Take a look at some of the new systems available on the market and protect what you hold most dear.

Smart Speakers

These days, a smart speaker is almost becoming a household essential! Not only do they look sleek and offer great sound for your Friday night jams, but they can also function as a hub for your smart home system – technology that is changing the game. Equipping your house with a smart home system is the first step to making your life way easier and more fun, trust us.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you want to change your life, look no further than this. Singing in the shower can feel kind of lonely when there’s no actual music playing, but we’re all kind of concerned about water damage in our speakers or smartphones. With this new technology, you’ll never have to worry about it again! The speaker attaches to your shower head and is even made from recycled materials so you can rest at ease knowing you’re being eco-conscious too; this device gets bonus points.

Transparent TV

Yep, you read that right. Not that it’s available to purchase just yet, but LG Display has revealed a see-through OLED TV screen that supposedly reaches 40% transparency and is designed to rise up from the foot of your bed. Pure luxury, right? When these screens eventually hit the market, they’re supposed to change the game for movies and TV time.

Smart Wallet

Perhaps not something you ever thought you needed, but a smart wallet is s nifty device. Designed to be both convenient and safe, the wallet ejects your cards for you and is lined with a coating that is intended to help protect you against identity theft. On top of this, you can even have it fitted with a Bluetooth tracker, so you’ll never lose your valuables again.

Wireless Power Bank

If your phone supports wireless charging, this might be a serious investment. Eliminating the need for carrying wires around and making the task feel clunky and complicated, a wireless power bank can charge your phone (or Apple watch) quickly and easily, and it features USB ports so you can still use your cables if you want or need to.

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