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Though Bangalore is much known for its IT companies and other known organizations with their base here, only a few people know that this city also possesses some of the beautiful tourist destinations. There are natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries as well as anamusement park where one can spend some time to refresh from the routine fast life of the city. These tourist spots also attract many tourists from various states of the country. One may love to have aview of some monuments or spots where he can enjoy solitude, and for such people also there are spots here. Some of these spots are mentioned below:

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• Brigade road

A variety of food and juices stalls can be seen here when the tourists stroll around the road. It is also a popular place for shopping lovers, and one can find numerous sellers with clothes at cheaper rates. The shops will be selling the garments at acomparatively lowprice, and the whole street will be covered with light and trees throughout the year. During Christmas and New Year the road will be arranged full of lights and the trees will be decorated as well. Shopping lovers must visit this place for sure when visiting Bangalore.

• Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is encased by beautiful hanging gardens, and the sightseers are mostly awestruck by its first look. It also has few cultural programs on this place due to its scenic beauty. The wooden structure of the palace and the carvings are impressive. Architects often visit this place to recreate carvings, but the finishing touch is often not good as this. The palace is reminiscent of its royal culture, and it is often termed as a royal residence. The wood carvings are of an Edwardian style, and the fortified towers are a passageway for many architects.

• Bannerghatta National Park

The national park is a spot where you can spot lions, tigers, and crocodiles along with few common animals in the national park. It is comprised of a national park, aquarium, crocodile farm, snake stop and few prehistoric creatures and a museum that contains many historical monuments related to Bannerghatta national park. Few other activities what one can do here are bird watching and river rafting. Outdoor camps will work out awesome here with the delightful stream. One should cross-check the timing before visiting this place.

• Big Bull Temple

For all the spiritual lovers over there, a big bull temple is a place for them. The big bull temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore during 1537. It is situated in Basavangudi region in Bangalore. There is a history behind the name and the origin of the God here, and one should know when they visit this place.

• Visvesvaraya Museum

Visvesvaraya Museum is a constituent unit which was built by Visveswaraya as a memorable building for his Bharat Ratna award. One can visit this place for the mechanical items and motors. When visiting this museum, one can also visit the encompassing Cubbon park and have fun. The museum speaks all about science and numerous field trips happen here.

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