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By Jaylin

When you want to play cricket, then you can only excel when you have the appropriate equipment. Well, this is why you cannot make any compromises in this regard. You should also make sure that you have the best cricket bat.

You need to be aware of the technicalities of a cricket bat if you want to excel in the game.

Tips for choosing the cricket bat

Choosing the bat willow

You should be particular about choosing the willow of your cricket bat. Willow is referred to as fibrous wood. You will come across two types of Willow in the market. You will find Kashmir Willow and English Willow in the market.

Now, most manufacturers prefer the English Willow. The reason is that the wood contributes to high quality performance when hitting the ball. However, there is one thing you must keep in mind. The English Willow is soft and this is why it can get dented with ease.

On the contrary, the Kashmir Willow is hard. However, the performance falls short when comparing Kashmir Willow with English Willow.

Go for a bat with carbon fiber

Make sure that your bat has carbon fiber insertion in the handle. The benefit of this practice is that your bat tends to feel light. Plus, it helps to generate more power in the shots. The carbon fiber adds reinforcement in the handles.

Consider the number of grains

When choosing a cricket bat, you should consider the bat grains also. If your bat has about 6 to 12 grains, then indicates that your bat makes use of good quality willow. There is one additional aspect you need to consider when buying the bat.

Thin grained bats tend to break easily. On the contrary, the wide grained bats can perform well. However, it is difficult to use wide grained bats in the beginning.

Check the bow

You need to consider the bow of the bat also when buying for professional play. The fact of the matter is that bat with large bow and thick edges meet the standards of the modern game. The size of the bow does have an impact on the pickup of the bat.

When the game gets conducted in low bouncing wicket, then a lower bow is a great choice in this scenario.

When you buy the bat, there is a quick test that you need to perform. When you choose your bat, then you need to position yourself in a normal stance. You should check how the bat feels when you hold it.

You should be able to identify the balance of the bow. It is also essential to check whether you can hold the bat in one hand when you stretch it out in front of you. Make sure that you wear your cricket gloves when trying out your bat.

Secondly, make sure that you only go for the best quality bat. Consider buying your bat from Kookaburra Sport Pty Ltd. You will be happy with your choice at the end of the day by all means.

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