Ensuring good customer service. Tips and advice

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By Jaylin

Creating a space that has consistently excellent customer service is something that businesses the world over strives for. Whether you are a small independent business or a global chain, it is important to never underestimate how much your customer means to you. Every time you interact with your customer, you have the opportunity to make or break their day, week, or month. This is regardless of why they are out celebrating. It is your responsibility to put them at ease and excel in every way. This is not easy though and so here is some advice on how to achieve amazing customer service.

Having good quality services

People don’t mind spending money when it comes to things like eating out or staying away. However, as the expenditure increases so do their expectations and so you have to make sure that you can not only meet their level but exceed it. Make sure to do what you can to personalize their experience for them. This means asking questions, listening to what they want, and delivering something that is better than what they imagined.

For example, many places that serve food have begun using the ghost kitchen network to outsource their food. This can ensure incredible food without too much organization on your part.

Meeting them with the correct emotion

People always want to be treated like royalty. You need to remember that by the time that you speak to your customer, you are unaware of the day they have had to this point. They may have been delayed at the airport or stuck on a bus. Worse they could have been lost in a city with a time-sensitive reservation. In order to get the most out of their stay and to help them remember you, you should engage positively with guests even if you have disappointed them and rectify them immediately. Don’t let problems simmer. They will only get worse.

Create a perfect perception

What your customer perceives will color their opinion of your business. You need to make sure that you can create an environment that will blow them away. That means not making excuses when things go wrong but accepting responsibility and rectifying them as soon as possible. Also, avoid telling your customers about internal problems. They don’t care if someone has phoned in sick or if the system has gone down. You need to look like a duck paddling on the water. Calm and serene above the water but paddling like crazy beneath it.

Know your products and services

There is nothing more frustrating to a guest or customer than someone who seems mystified by their job. You need to make sure that you and your staff know your business inside out. This does not mean planning for every eventuality but having answers ready or knowing where you can find solutions. This will keep a customer’s confidence in you.

Ensuring good customer service

This is not easy, but it can be so rewarding. Take the time to listen to your customers and find out what they expect. It is from here that you can blow them out of the water and create life0long customers.

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