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As the end of your schooling approaches an end, your school formal is a time to let your hair down (excuse the pun) and party on. But what are the best hairstyles for this very special occasion?

As a young lady, you want to make sure you look the part, from your shoes to your dress and of course your hair. Elegance is non-negotiable in this case. Especially with all the photos that will be taken and seen for years to come.

Whether you prefer beach waves, curled locks, or a bridal updo, knowing your options will ensure you choose a style that will not only suit you but also the event.

The bottom line here is to look impressively awesome.

Read on to learn some elegant hairstyles option for your upcoming school formal event. We have separated them into different categories for those with short hair or long hair.

Read about the different styles and choose one that will best suit you, or if you are feeling daring you may get creative and find a style in-between.

Hairstyles for Short Hair

If your hair is short you may feel your hairstyles option are limited. But don’t worry about it. Even when your hair is short you can still achieve an elegant look. Here are some amazing styles just for you.

Beach Waves

Beach waves are a great idea when you have a short bob.

How do you achieve this style? Use a flat iron to curl the hair but make sure the ends are not curled. If you are inexperienced with doing this yourself, it will be best to have a friend or hairdresser do it for you.

When done right, the result will be beautiful beach waves.

Curled Locks

Curled locks are a great choice for school formal hairstyles. To achieve this, get a curling iron and create the soft locks.

After the curling iron uses a volumizing hair spray. This will give you a volume to finish off the do. You can also finger-comb your hair to give it a natural blend.

Wavy Natural-Looking Bob

This is a great style if you want to achieve a natural elegance. If you recently cut your hair, you can achieve a natural look with subtle curls.

The secret to this style is to gain the curls using a straightener. Grab a piece of your hair with the straightener and then roll itself around the strand.

Once this is done, slightly undo the curls but keep them in place. When it is well done, it will give a beautiful naturally wavy appearance.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

If your hair is long, you will be spoilt for choice regarding styles. Plus the longer your hair, the more versatile it can be as you can twist, style, and braid it any way you prefer.

Side-Swept Curls

Side-swept curls are not hard to achieve and this is something you can do yourself. Using a curling iron, curl your hair to one side as per your preference.

It looks even more stylish and better when you have colored your hair. To retain the shape of the curls, spritz it with hairspray.

Princess Braids

This is an excellent hairstyle for a school formal. Create two braids as the princess from your favorite movie does. There are plenty of online images for inspiration.

Bridal Updo

For an easy to do hairstyle, you may want to consider a bridal updo. This requires little effort and you can quickly do it before going out.

This is perfect when wearing a tiara or a headband. All you have to do is use a curling iron to create natural-looking curls.

Next, pull them back in a low burn and leave some strands hanging. Simple yet very effective.


Regardless of the length of your hair, there are numerous hairstyles that you can choose from. To ensure your hairstyle suits you, make sure you first get your outfit sorted. What dress, shoes and accessories will you be wearing? Once you have these locked in, it will make choosing a hairstyle to suit a little bit easier.

If all else fails, seek expert advice from your local hairdresser. They will surely have plenty of ideas to help you look stunningly elegant.

Remember, every other girl in attendance will be working hard towards achieving that perfect look. Do not take chances with your hairstyle.

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