Why is custom software development important?


These days businesses are coming through a scalable digital transformation adopting innovative technologies in various business automation software apps. The choice of a particular type of software depends on lots of factors that include:

  • Pains and problems the business struggle with
  • Business industry and specialization
  • Aims and tasks of the software solution
  • Size and revenue of the company

Before implementing any type of business software application, it is pivotal to clearly understand why your company needs it, what issues it will resolve, what benefits it brings for your employees, daily operations, company management, annual revenue, and other factors.

Currently, you will hardly find any business organization that wouldn’t use at least software solutions – ready-made apps, customs solutions, SaaS products, and so on. However, market-available business software often does not correspond to the needs and expectations of these companies as a software product with a single functionality cannot fit all businesses perfectly well.

Therefore, in this post, we would like to discuss what benefits custom software development actually can bring into your business and how to start the development right away.

Benefits of Custom Software

Compared to the software solution available on market, custom software development takes into account your specific case – your business problems, needs, and requirements. Here we have collected the top benefits that will prove to you that custom software development is important for your business growth and capacity:

  • All your technical and other requirements will be considered in the solution that guarantees 100% match to all your internal process and business needs which is impossible choosing the ready-made software;
  • Custom software is a great way your can invest your money to get profit to your business growth and development, custom software development is much more beneficial than paying for the available on the market solutions;
  • Custom software development entails the best security practices required for your specialization, you can be sure that your private data is highly protected thanks to data security regulations and compliances;
  • Ready-made software solutions usually have poor technical support and slow reaction to any bugs and errors that may occur to your solution, custom software development implies continuous support of the solution after the release;
  • A custom business app can be smoothly integrated with the existing internal system eliminate any errors and problems with its functionality and feasibility;
  • Custom software solutions are scalable and can grow simultaneously with your company, there is no need to look for additional solutions as you can always upgrade your custom business app.

The flow of custom software development

The development process of business solutions is quite similar. It commonly starts with the discovery stage that entails the deep analysis of your company processes and workflows, researching the competitors and what type of software they use, defining the core problems that can be overcome with the implementation of custom software tools. This development stage is pivotal as it helps to define the core specifications for the project for the further development steps.


As the project scope is clearly defined, all next steps taken by the development team should be planned, discussed with the client, and documented. Due to the Agile methodology that we follow in GBKSOFT, the entire project is split into smaller parts of functionality: sprints-epics-user stories. It provides the precise following the initial plan, testing each piece of functionality and deciding whether it needs improvements or the developers can proceed.

Design concept

Solution design is not only about the colors and schemes but it must be intuitive, convenient, user-friendly, unique, and modern. The business software system will be accessible by all your employees from different departments, of different ages and skill levels. You need to ensure that your solution will be easy to onboard and use for all areas of your company.

Writing code

Due to the technical specifications defined in the discovery stage, the development team decides what technologies should be used to execute the set tasks and make the solution functionality highly operating. Thus, the developers proficient in the needed programming languages start writing clean and unique code of your custom software development.


Debugging and testing the feasibility of your software solution must be conducted before the project release. If you develop MVP, you should think of looking for first test users to see their feedback related to the efficacy of your software solution and make improvements before the full deployment.


Continuous support is required for any type of custom software in order to make regular functionality upgrades due to user feedback, the latest trends and demand in the industry, and so on. It is advisable to entrust this process to the development team that has built the solution from scratch.

Entrust your custom software development to GBKSOFT

GBKSOFT specializes in developing custom business software for clients from different industries, with different problems, concerns, and needs.

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