How Common Garage Door Repairs Help You with Your Garage Door Problems

The garage door on your home is not something you always consider so much as it works. The only time you notice your garage door and all the components is when something is wrong. It is when you call Christian Doors for professional garage door services and technicians to come to repair your garage door.

It is not unusual for many homeowners to be familiar with garage door terms. Let us talk about the common garage door problems and their common repairs.

Broken Garage Door Springs:

The garage door springs on your garage door are made to lift and close the garage door a set number of times. Finally, they will get damaged, and you will notice it if you are home. When the spring gets broken, it creates a loud noise, almost like a firework bursting in your garage.

If the spring breaks on your garage door, do not attempt opening it. Rather, schedule and call a garage door company for garage door repair services right away. You must go away from your garage door until you get the garage door fixed.

Broken Garage Door Cables:

Garage door cables can break on their own from usual tear and wear or from strain placed on them when spring gets broken. If a garage door cable gets broken, one side of the garage door may look saggy compared to the other. That side of the garage door may also appear heavier.

You may also see the garage door is slightly lower and angles on one side as it lifts. If all the garage door cables get damaged, the garage door may not stay in place when you open it. Instead, the garage door will fall as soon as you open it, which can be dangerous.

Sticking Garage Door Rollers:

The garage door rollers on the sides of the garage door should turn and spin. If they are sliding and stuck, it can cause the garage door to come off its garage door tracks. If the garage door rollers get stuck, it can also make the opening and closing noisier.

If the garage door has come off its tracks either in the open or closed state, leave it in place. Trying to open or close the garage door could lead to broken cables and springs. If the garage door is noisy, you need garage door rollers replaced and clean the tracks. Often, stuck rollers are due to poor lubrication and too much humidity.

Garage Door Closes and Reopens:

This issue happens when the automatic garage door opener needs adjustment. Garage door openers have door limit settings that manage the open and close functions. Occasionally, from usual usage, these need resync and slight adjustments.

Significantly, the limit settings allow the garage door to know how far it should go to be fully opened or closed. If these two are off when the door touches the ground, the sensors on the opener view this as an object, not the ground. Therefore, the garage door reopens. The sensors help detect if something is in the way and will cause the reopening of the garage door.

The Garage Door Opener Runs, but the Garage Door Does Not Move:

Check to ensure the automatic door disconnect cord is plugged in by trying to lift and close the garage door manually. If you can, you need to reattach the automatic opener’s lift arm. Another reason for this problem is if you lock your garage door. Ensure your garage door is unlocked.

Garage Door Opens But Will Not Close:

This garage door issue is often related to the garage door sensors. If the lenses are dirty, they will stop the door from closing. Tidy up the lenses and verify nothing is blocking the sensors. If the garage door still does not close, it is time to reach out to a garage door technician.

The Garage Door Stops or Sticks:

A sticking garage door can be usual from changes in humidity levels to poor lubrication on moving components and parts. The cause may also be a misaligned door, so realigning is necessary.

The Remote Opener Does Not Work:

If the garage door opener remote is not functioning, try if you can open the door using the switch inside the garage. If the garage door opens, it could signify the batteries in the remote need replacements. After changing the batteries, if the remote opener still does not work, it may need recycling with the opener or a replacement.

As you can see, there are many and various reasons for a broken garage door. If your garage door is not functioning well, feel free to call us at Family Christian Doors now. Our garage door technicians are professionals and skilled to attend to any garage door problems. We offer various garage door services from garage door installations, repairs, and replacements to maintenance services. Give us a call today!

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