Up-and-Coming Rap Artists to Watch in 2022

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By Jaylin

You can always count on the newcomers to have an impact on Hip Hop history, whether their enthusiasm is referred to as “TikTok” Rap or a trendier phrase. A Rising Star is a blossoming artist we identify within a year after their first introduction and release of new rap music. These are the top musicians who, in our opinion, offer the best overall package in terms of musical sound, performance, and genuine personality.

John Born

Media outlets such as BET, VH1, MTV, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, URBAN INK, & others have awarded John Born for his work. John has a live show experience that will surprise you. He sings, delivers lyrics and paints love female canvases with a microphone in his left hand & a paint brush in his right.


Listening to EKKSTACY is, above all, therapeutic. Love, loss, and whirling emotions are explored in poetic meditations. EKKSTACY draws inspiration from bands such as Elliott Smith, The Drums, and Bon Iver, and incorporates his own life experiences into his music. He went through a drug-induced psychosis in high school, and as the demands rose, learning to make music became a sort of catharsis. His career has now become less grim, but is still powered by the same emotive narrative as he merges the nostalgic and modern into his own cohesive sound as he matures and deals with emotions through different means.


SSGKobe’s climb to stardom has been anything but accidental, with a few of viral singles, an EP, and a few Cole Bennett-directed music videos released in 2021. SSGKobe has spent the previous several years honing his melodic style, but now that he’s signed to Zack Bia’s Field Trip Records, his place in the pantheon of modern hip-hop appears all but assured. SSGKobe is an artist worth betting on in 2022, not just because of his rapping and singing skills, but also because of his ability to create distinctive and refreshing songs.


Los Angeles-based Yeat, who sprang out of nowhere in the latter half of last year, seized the internet by storm, and that momentum doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Following the tremendous success of his songs “Sorry Bout That,” “Get Busy,” and “Money Twerk,” Yeat continued to generate viral moments, whether it was through a new song leak, a celebrity collaboration (hello, Drake), or a mysterious social media remark. Yeat’s ability to remain relevant without releasing excessive amounts of content has been and will continue to be a key factor in his success.


Despite the fact that hip-titans hop’s dominated the spotlight in 2021, few in the genre had a year like Houston-via-Louisiana rapper and producer BBY KODIE. The youthful multi-hyphenate released his long-awaited mixtape Emotions Running High, as well as all of his previous releases on DSPs and a few singles, including “Milkshake,” a viral remix of the eponymous Kelis and Neptunes hit. Last year, BBY KODIE’s sound underwent a drastic shift into something really unique and cinematic, replacing the lighthearted minimalism first heard on his 2018 debut Kodie Kardashian.


Atlanta’s own SoFaygo, an artist who captured and maintained enormous momentum in 2021, thrives in the hazy haze found at the intersections of plugg, vaportrap, and cloud rap. Following the success of his 2020 project After Me, SoFaygo collaborated with musicians like as Trippie Redd, Don Toliver, and Lil Yachty throughout the year. In 2021, the Atlanta native only released a few songs, but one of them was “Let’s Lose Our Minds,” the first taste of his impending debut album Pink Heartz. SoFaygo is dead set on making his imprint in 2022, already projected to be one of the year’s most anticipated releases.

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