Christmas Fun Facts

People all around the world wait for Christmas. Yes, it is exciting to celebrate this holiday every year. Every country has its traditions and culture to follow.

Giving presents to everyone is the core of the Christmas party, creating a bond of love between people. This happy holiday is celebrated differently all around the world. Here are some fun facts that you need to know about Christmas and can be used for your custom dissertation writing:

Fact # 1:

Having a lot of food is good to eat. It is how a holiday is celebrated. People in France eat a lot of traditional food and cuisine. French foods are famous worldwide because of their taste and unique ideas. Sweets, desserts are made and people spent the whole night in the restaurant, tasting a variety of foods.

Fact # 2:

Have you ever thought of where this tree came from? If not, let me tell you. The tree was made by Prince Albert in Germany and he presented this to his wife as a gift. From that tradition, the Christmas tree was introduced and got the trend of having it every Christmas year.

Fact # 3:

Japanese people mostly visit KFC on Christmas eve. It is strange to go to one restaurant every Christmas but they visit it and enjoy the food. Moreover, they love to go longs walk with their partners to spend time. They don’t much celebrate it rather prefer to spend time with their friends and families.

Fact # 4:

China is always a fascinating country and famous because of its traditions and culture. Christmas is celebrated on 24th December and people give apples on Christmas Eve. It is called “Ping’an Ye” in Chinese. It is a symbol of peace and this name is given in the Chinese word of apples and peace.

Fact # 5:

Few people in China celebrate Christmas, mostly in big cities. There is no word for “Santa” there instead they call it “Shang dan Lao ren” in their native language. Christmas tree is decorated in shopping malls, and streets but not at home. Christmas songs are played in the background.

Fact # 6:

In France, there is a kidnapper who abducts kids on Christmas and then safely takes them home. This absurd and people follow it every year. They called him the bogey man of Christmas and people finds it interesting and enjoyable.

Fact # 7:

Instead of receiving gifts from Santa, the people of Spain believe that they receive gifts from 3 kings or also called them as 3 wise men. This is an exchange; children leave a gift for kings too. They celebrate it on the 6th of January like walnut, any kind of glass, etc.

Fact # 8:

People in Sweden watch Donald duck every year on Christmas at 3 pm. It’s weird. Even the adults watch it too. This tradition is trending since the 1990s.

Fact # 9:

In Russia, Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January, rather than on the 25th of December. Children with a happy new year to everyone. It is called carol singing. They get rewards of cookies, chocolates, and more. They celebrate Christmas according to their calendar so they have Christmas and new year in the same month.


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