The Best Boyshort Underwear For Everyday Comfort


Boyshorts aren’t just for boys. They provide more coverage and comfort than classic underwear while looking super stylish. If you’re sick of uncomfortable thongs and panties, boyshorts are the way to go. Here are the best boyshorts to keep you feeling comfy and cute all day long.

In Common Boyshorts

These classic boyshorts are both comfortable and functional. The fabric is 90% modal, a plant-based fiber with impressive moisture-wicking abilities. Recycled Spandex makes up the last 10%. Because of their high modal content, they’re even softer than cotton underwear. Modal’s construction uses fewer natural resources compared to cotton, making these environmentally friendly.

Their wide waistband reaches almost to the wearer’s belly button, keeping these panties secure and comfortable. Additionally, In Common uses an antimicrobial finish to create underwear that reduces microbial activity and unpleasant scents.


Whether you’re a tomboy or not, you’ll love the boyshorts at TomboyX. Women who want to skip super-feminine styles will find what they’re looking for here, but so will even the girliest among us. You can choose from prints with butterflies, flowers, or rainbows if that’s your thing.

For something funkier, you might like styles with comic book exclamations (Kapow!) or scorpions. TomboyX adds new patterns regularly.

The shorts are made of 95% modal, an earth-friendly fabric from renewable beechwood trees. The last 5% is Spandex. Flatlock seams prevent any annoying ridges that could irritate your skin. Each pair is fit-tested on a variety of body types, and the company offers sizes up to 4X.

Boody Body Boyleg Brief

These boyshorts are a good pick if you care about sustainability: They’re constructed with bamboo viscose. Considering how quickly bamboo grows, you won’t have to worry about plundering the earth when you purchase the Boyleg Brief.

Viscose is breathable, soft, and great at absorbing moisture, making it an excellent choice for workout clothes. Also, these don’t have any seams, so they won’t chafe or create panty lines.

Thinx Period Boyshorts

Periods and underwear have had a contentious relationship for as long as they’ve existed. Nothing ruins a pair of panties faster than a leak during that time of the month. That’s the problem Thinx Period Boyshorts solve.

The brains behind Thinx came up with these boyshorts to replace disposable menstrual products. This underwear can absorb as much liquid as three entire tampons! When you consider how much you spend on feminine hygiene products each year, you’ll realize what a bargain these are. They also help the environment by preventing more tampons and pads from entering landfills.

Most of the fabric is made of a combination of polyamide and elastane, but the gusset — the section at the bottom — is 95% cotton. Thinx Period Boyshorts are breathable where it counts.

Alyce Intimates Women’s Lace Boyshorts

Alyce Intimate Women’s Lace Boyshorts are perfect for price-conscious shoppers who want their lingerie to lean toward the sexier side. They’re only $21.99 for a 10-pack — really. On the other hand, they’re made entirely of nylon and Spandex, so you might want to skip them if you prioritize eco-friendly products.

Reviewers say they run small, but you can avoid any problems by ordering one size up. The sizing reaches 5X, which means these can still fit a more extensive range of bodies than most brands cater to.

Whether you’re looking for sexy lingerie or serious workout underwear, boyshorts can give you precisely what you want. Enjoy!

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