Basic Facts about Jelly Shoes that You Should Know


Jelly shoes (or popularly known as jellies) are a type of footwear that is typically made of PVC plastic. They are very common around the globe due to their apparent affordability. And since they’re everywhere, you might be wondering whether they’re a good budget-friendly wearable that fits your fashion preferences. Anyway, if this is the case, then you definitely have come to the right place! In today’s discussion, I’ll tackle this matter and provide you with some of the basic facts about jelly shoes. So without further ado, let’s get right into it…

Brief History of Jelly Shoes

The jelly shoes were introduced to the public in the 1980s during the Knoxville World’s Fair. Aside from their price, they’re still as popular today because of their inherent durability that could last for many years. Although they were an instant hit when they were invented in the early 80s, nobody really knows when and where it originated. However, the jelly shoes became as we all know what they are today thanks to the World’s Fair. And from that event, the products went on and were featured at a shoe exposition in Chicago.

As of today, the most popular manufacturer of jelly shoes is a Brazilian company named Grendene. Preston Haag, an American entrepreneur, saw the potential of the shoes in 1981 when he visited Brazil. He secured a partnership with them and was responsible for the product’s introduction in the US market. At that time, the shoe brand was rebranded to Grendha Shoes.

Characteristics and Fashion

As mentioned, the shoes were made of over 95% plastic, particularly PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). Now, this type of plastic is super tough but surprisingly very comfortable at the same time. It is soft and a delight to wear for both indoor purposes and outdoor activities. Did I just say “super tough”? This is because they are indeed durable, which makes them an excellent pair for all-terrain and daily wear as well. Also, the materials used in making one jelly shoe are semi-transparent in nature which makes them an excellent casual and trendy pair of footwear.

Also, they are available in various colors and designs. However, due to their apparent plastic nature, this type of footwear may not be advisable for formal gatherings or social events. You have to keep in mind that jelly shoes are ideal for pairing with your casual or daily outfits—those that you typically wear on the beach or at the supermarket.

Advantages of Jelly Shoes

In addition to the consideration I’ve already mentioned above, below are some of the other advantages of jelly shoes—

  • Economical – what I mean by this is that jellies are very budget-friendly
  • Hygienic – since they’re made of soft plastic, you can easily clean them whenever you see fit
  • Comfortable – probably the primary selling point of the shoes is its comfort factor. As I said, they’re very soft and doesn’t cause that much stress on your feet as you’re moving
  • Easy to wear – a typical design of jelly are slip-on which makes the shoes easy to put on whenever the time is of the essence

Disadvantages of Jelly Shoes

Although jelly shoes possess numerous advantages, which are most economical, we also have to keep in mind some of their disadvantages to help us balance out the factors. Anyway, here they are—

  • It could cause blisters – yes, jellies are durable and could last you for a good number of years. But once they do wear out, the PVC plastic becomes more rigid that could lead to blisters
  • Odor – another con of this type of plastic is it could harbor an unpleasant odor if it isn’t washed regularly

Final Thoughts

Jelly shoes are the best option in regards to affordability. However, this doesn’t mean that they necessarily have low quality. PVC or soft-molded plastic is highly durable and reliable against the elements such as water and direct heat from the sun. Also, let me also add, although they’re not that much costly, it doesn’t mean that all brands of jellies are the same. It still matters to be brand conscious and select the best quality jelly shoes in the market.

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