Allergies in Children: How to Avoid & Deal with Them

Allergies in children are certainly not an uncommon occurrence. Parents have been dealing with such concerns for generations. There is a vast variety of different allergies and with a range of severity. But some are more common than others, and ways to avoid and deal with allergies that can help alleviate symptoms or avoid issues. Here is our guide as to what to do.

Air Quality

Many allergies are linked to respiratory conditions such as asthma, not to mention things such as dust allergies. As such it’s vital to ensure that children are breathing the purest and highest quality air possible. If you live in an urban and even suburban area then the levels of pollution and air quality can be alarmingly high. When out and about and playing there is little you can do about the impurities. But in the home, you can control the air quality by utilizing a good air purifier removing all impurities.

Food Allergies


One of the most concerning symptoms of allergic reactions is congestion. If you are lucky enough that your child has only a mild allergy, then it often can be dealt with by treatment. There is a range of ways of dealing with allergies that can be prescribed by your physician. But short of going that far there are plenty of alternative treatments that are useful without the need for expensive medical intervention. Activities such as meditation and massage. You can also use aromatherapy with a selection of essential Kumi Oils to relax your child and open up their airways etc.

In School

As much as you can control the environment and activities the kids participate in at home, they are all going to have to go to school and this presents a whole magnitude of potential issues that are somewhat out of your control. The good news is that schools are accomplished at controlling things within the school building. School meals are easy to make safe for those with allergies and intolerances. But if your child has a severe condition that requires there to be no particles of a particular substance, such as peanuts, even in the room then it’s essential to inform the school, and they can put in place a full ban on the offending food. When the class is going on a field-trip you are relying on a public area being safe for them. The school must have a plan in place to cope with any issues, and you are entitled to see and approve this.


If your child does require medication then it’s key to ensure that the school has it kept there in case of emergency. But to ensure that it is accessible and staff trained in its use. It’s never more true than when on a field trip. As we’ve already mentioned, the situation is less controllable than in the school building, and we need to be ultra-cautious to avoid any potentially disastrous outcomes.


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