9 Easy Ideas To Make a Wedding Video Invitation

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Planning a wedding is no easy task. No matter how many days you have to plan, you will find yourself rushing between fitting trials, decor finalization, and coordinating events towards the end. Amid all those trial series, one important task that often remains unattended is the wedding invite. Most of the time, one sends out a not-so-satisfactory wedding invite or an invite that would pass as a casual invite to their guest. Many spend a large sum on designers and creatives to get themselves wedding invite creative. Add wedding invites to the top of your to-do lists to avoid the last-minute chaos. And if you are a perfectionist who needs everything planned to perfection, you need to start working on the wedding video invite you will send out to your guest list.

You don’t need a specialist creative head to make a wedding video invite. Create online invitations with easy-to-use video editing tools and an invitation maker. We are here to give you 9 easy ideas that could make your wedding invite remarkable and impressive.

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Save the Date

“Save the Date” is the simplest yet the most classic wedding invite you could make. Add a few of your favorite pictures, pick a theme, add music if it pleases you, and there you have a perfectly good wedding video invite ready to be sent. This video is a great way to inform your invitees about your special day. It takes hardly 15 minutes to create such invites, and with an invitation maker, you get access to wedding templates that would make your task even easier. So instead of going with the classic picture and text invite, get creative and send out a wedding video invite.

Our story video

Could there be a better way to personalize your wedding video invite than telling your own story? If you and your partner happen to have a dramatic, romantic, and definitely needs to be heard kind of love story, it would be absolutely wrong not to tell the world about it. You can either narrate your story while facing the camera or get creative with caricatures, animations, and doodles to tell your story. While telling your story you can highlight where you met, how your journey started, or some unique milestones in your relationship. There is no perfect checklist as to what a wedding video invite should entail. It should just be happening and beautiful enough to make people believe in beautiful stories.

Keep the video short, witty, and creative and the end result would surely be lovely. Take the help of designer friends to get your video edited to perfection. If not, you can always use an online invitation maker. They are easy to use and allow you the flexibility to create invites the way you like.

Caricature invites

You must have come across caricature invites that are undeniably cute and impressive. Those remain imprinted in the viewer’s mind for a long and are sure to make your wedding invite a star. Caricatures are comic imitations of the couple and could be made within minutes on your phone or laptop. Design the caricatures and ensure that it brings out the best characteristics of you and your partner on the table. Brush your creative minds and find ways to put forth an entertaining story through caricature videos. Simple transitions and animations could make such videos super fun and remarkable. Use tools to create online invitation and use caricatures in it to make a statement wedding invite. Seek inspirational videos on Pinterest and pin them before you lose them.

Animated videos

There are no limits to what animation could do. Well, the good news is you don’t need to be a pro to play with animations. Tell your unique story or create a spectacular wedding invite through a series of animations. You can even join animation pictures into a video through templates on an invitation maker. For example, you and your beau come from different parts of the globe. Create fun animations and draft a story from it to show how love bought you guys together. The idea is to use more transitions and colors and let your creativity ooze. The best thing about wedding video invites is that they could be easily shared anywhere you want. So what are you waiting for? Create your right away.

Stop motion videos

You might have seen those videos where the rings come out of the box in stop motion graphics, right? Well, that is just an instance of how stop motion videos work. You can work with your animated figures or objects to create such stop motion videos. Ask a friend to help you film those videos, and then with the help of an online editor, you can merge them into a beautiful wedding invite film. It’s quite simple you just need to think out of the box while working on the elements.

Cultural wedding video

A wedding is after all a beautiful amalgamation of cultures. Bring the cultural heritage shared by you and your partner to your wedding video, and it will turn out beautiful. Add cultural elements to your video animations like a palace, a fire some colorful elements to give a glimpse of how your wedding would be. Such videos could create excitement in your guests about your wedding. You might need to spend some time finding the relevant template and theme for such videos. But trust us, the wait would be worth it.

Seasonal wedding invites

This could also be fun if you have your wedding planned in a beautiful season at a beautiful location. Now, getting married in the Alps calls for a seasonal wedding invite where the highlight remains snow and grandeur. Similarly, the spring wedding calls for a floral-themed wedding invite. Pick a theme accordingly for your daytime or nighttime wedding. There are creative ways here also and the templates are easily available on any editing tool.

Grandeur wedding invite

Big fat weddings are a rarity and if yours is going to be one of a kind, you would need a grandeur theme wedding invite. It could be an invite with brilliant animations or a wedding video invite where a family is inviting the guests over a video or you could highlight an element of your grandeur wedding in the wedding video, like a sundowner in the yacht or a wedding by the lake. Make this invite as personalized as you could and you could use a series of wedding video invite to be sent over the course of time.

Hobby themed video

If you and your partner share a common hobby that makes you a perfect pair, it needs to be on your wedding video. This would send out a sign that thought has been put into the wedding video invite. The guests would love it and would know what exactly to expect from a wedding. It takes not more than 15 minutes to get started with the video. So get started.

Which of these has been your favorite? We advise you to start pinning down inspiration from social media and start working on it. There would be no time as the wedding date approaches and before you could breathe it would already be your D-Day. So stop procrastinating and start getting creative.

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