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How do you run a business and make a success out of it?

This seems to be one of the foremost questions that most people have before or even after they have started their own business. And more than anyone else, small business owners seem to have this question on their minds on a constant basis. Whether you are running a small business, a mid sized one, or a large corporation, you would have to make use of the right tools and technologies to tap into trends that can fuel revenues by making conversions. This where technologies like CRM and CRM platforms like PipeDrive or alternatives to PipeDrive come in.

So let us talk about conversions before we talk about PipeDrive or PipeDrive alternatives. A conversion is a sale or the on boarding of a new customer, which happens at the end of an effective and timely movement through the various tasks that are lined up to create a sales pipeline. In the course of moving along the sales pipeline, you are your team members would have to carry out a number of tasks that have to do with information, the use of the information in a relevant manner, communication and finally, a sale or what we call – a conversion. This is where an alternative to PipeDrive comes into the picture.

First, let us understand what PipeDrive really is. It is a CRM platform that helps you line up all the tasks corresponding to the various team members at the right time. This could also included automated functions related to marketing and engagement so that you can cover all exits in order to make that precious conversion with ease and efficacy. So, in reality, CRM or customer relationship management is the platform where you get to line up functions and include automation to call up all the right information that would have been recorded in terms of the interactions you have had with the customer.

While PipeDrive essentially helps you in lining up all the functions that would help you primarily with email centric conversions and engagements, there are a number of alternatives to PipeDrive that can help you with much more. You can easily bring in these platforms so that you can do the following:

  • Organise your information and store it in a way that the call up becomes that much easier when you have a certain function that needs to be carried out for a conversion to happen;
  • Engage in a more targeted way with your core customers so that you can bring in their attention and help them understand how your products and services can help them;
  • Create scope for better team collaboration since all the functions would be properly lined up with automated notifications once the previous function is over. This would help in seamless movement through the sales pipeline with less chaos and duplication of tasks or missing out on any tasks at all.

When you turn to PipeDrive or any of the alternatives to PipeDrive, you are essentially buying into a system that will recognize this information as your most basic and most important resource so that you can go ahead and organize the same in a way that would further your revenue with better conversion rates. Yet, Pipe Drive may not be the absolute best platform and there are many competitors and alternatives that can help you achieve all of the above on various social media channels, in a more cost effective manner. Let us cast a glance at six PipeDrive alternatives to understand this in a better manner:


This would have to be one of the best alternatives to Pipe Drive because not only does it have a number of easy to afford packages and plans for various kinds and sizes of businesses, but it also offers you constant support so that you can setup and run the software with much ease. Further, with EngageBay, you get a complete suite of services that can help you run the CRM functions on a number of platforms from email to social media and even landing pages for efficient lead generation as well.


As an alternative to PipeDrive, Zoho has been hailed as an upcoming system to engage with your consumer, even though it may be on the slightly more expensive side. It has a number of features but does not have the kind of support that EngageBay and other alternatives to PipeDrive may offer.


This is a good PipeDrive alternative since it offers you the chance to actually engage in a full range of functions across a number of platforms where your ideal customers may be lurking. Engagement across these channels becomes matter of ease since you are able to combine your information and tasks. Yet, it may not the most affordable alternative to PipeDrive.

Copper CRM:

This is also a well known CRM platform that essentially delivers your message to the inbox of your customer with the help of many core engagement features. This CRM platform is a good alternative to PipeDrive even though you would have to look for other platforms to engage with your audience on other channels apart from email.

Fresh Sales:

This is a well known alternative to PipeDrive and it has recently evolved its many features and functions. With Fresh Sales, you can actually generate and track leads along with the many engagement and conversion fueling deliverables that it helps you design and deliver.


This is one of the many alternatives to PipeDrive. Apptivo is a new platform that can help you arrange all your CRM needs, even though it may be on the expensive side and lacking in constant support.

If you look closely at the above analysis, you will find that EngageBay would give you the best service in terms of your CRM needs!

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