5 Mistakes That Car Owners Usually Make

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Are you one of those who have been making these mistakes consistently on the regular basis?

Get in & Shoot

People do this all the time. They get in a car, start it up and drive right away. That’s not good for the engine. You must give the engine at least 10-15 seconds to get the oil to the critical components and let the RPM strapped down. If you have an older car, then you should give it more time especially in the cold weather. In that case, you might want to give the car 20-30 seconds to start out especially when it’s below freezing because wheels are really thick. The best way would be to get in the car, start it up, give it 10-15 seconds, put your seatbelt on and then drive.

Suddenly Speeding up

You know what, that’s not the right thing to do. Most of you are like, when you start the car and drive right away (which is not right). People then suddenly speed up, which is not good for the engine. It’s important to let the car and especially engine warm up first before speeding up. Therefore, just make sure, before you push the car hard and drive it faster on the road; let it warm up properly first. Otherwise it would negatively affect the car engine and the performance would decrease.

Putting Premium

Most of the car owners go wrong when they fill the tank with hi-octane when it’s not required. It’s because they think it will give the car better performance and drive. There are a few vehicles in which putting in the premium is recommended but even in those vehicles, regular one is fine. But when it comes to ordinary cars, there is no need to fill the tank with premium. It’s simply nothing other than wasting the money. In the regular cars, putting in premium fuel doesn’t enhance the performance so please don’t waste the money.

Changing oil every 3000 Miles

Honestly, that’s not necessary. Nowadays, oils are very much better than they were few years ago. So that old 3000 mile oil change is a thing of the past. Today’s oils can last 5000-7500 and even synthetics say that they could last up to 15000 miles. If you still want to keep up with the regular oil change, just simply broaden you oil change schedule a little bit. Instead of going for the 3000 mile and then changing the oil, it’s better to go for the 7500 miles running and then change the oil. It will not only save you a lot of money but also you will keep up with the latest oil changing standards that even the oil companies recommend

Car Inspecting

People don’t inspect their cars more often. It’s important that you inspect your car because you’re driving every day. You can’t just take it for granted. Just check that whether your tires are flat, your oils correct, you have enough coolant and enough windshield wiper fluid. The easiest way to do this is when you enter the parking lot. Just take a walk around real quick. Check all 4 tires, turn your lights on, turn your flashes on, check if your blink isn’t working, make sure the headlights are working and etc. And if you find that anything is wrong, take your car to the Mitsubishi service Dubai in order to get it fixed.


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