5 Interesting Things To Know About Window Shutters


The fantastic thing about shutters is that not only do they give shade from the sun, they also dress up the entire space in style. In recent years, shutters and blinds have become popular as architectural designs that add value to homes from within and without.

But while an increasing number of people are investing in plantation shutters for their homes and offices, most are still unaware of how valuable they truly are. Here are some intriguing facts about these window coverings that will help you understand their functionality and purpose better.

Increase your home value

Unlike curtains, blinds, and other window coverings, shutters are valuable and stay with the house during sale or resale. Homes for sale fitted with custom-shutters that add functionality and decor to the place are highly popular among home buyers.

Wooden shutters are especially valued for their character, timelessness, and authenticity. So, if you have these window treatments done before deciding to sell your home, you can be sure that the property will go much faster and for a higher price than initially expected.

Energy-efficientand offer incredible privacy

An unexpected albeit prominent perk of installing such lasting window shutters is that they are immensely energy efficient. They permit less air to pass in and out of the windows, enabling rooms to insulate more heat in the winters and cool air in the summers. Consequently, you will save on air conditioning and heating costs on a large scale.

Furthermore, keeping the shutters shut provides unmatched privacy, preventing passers-by from peering inside the home. Therefore, you can tilt the louvers to any degree and keep the sun out without compromising your privacy and outside view.

They can be installed on doors

Several folks are under the misconception that plantation shutters are meant solely for bay windows. In reality, they can be fashioned on large doors, oddly-shaped windows, garage openings, and more.

In fact, many people even have them installed over French and sliding doors to add to the aesthetic appeal of their home. You can also have these shutters customised to fit sidelights, circle of life windows, sunbursts, and triangle panels. Professional shutter experts can recommend the type that will work best for such openings.

Available in various materials

You will find that shutters are available in a wide variety of materials ranging from PVC and plastic to composite, foamed synthetics, and wood. Each has its unique set of benefits, enabling you to pick the type that best suits your home design and needs.

Wooden varieties are the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye, making them incredibly versatile and popular in the market. They are natural and go well with various decor items in a room. They are also likely to be slightly more expensive than the other kinds.

However, it is better that you get plastic or PVC shutters installed in moisture-prone rooms such as the kitchen or bathrooms, as wood ones may become soggy and go bad faster due to the dampness.

Easy maintenance

Besides the ones mentioned above, another incredible aspect of window shutters is that they are effortless to maintain. A soft cloth duster, vacuum attachment, and chemical-free wood polish are all you need to clean the coverings regularly. PVC shutters installed over garage doors, windows or doors, and other outdoor areas can be cleaned with a spray of water and mild soap.

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