5 Best Chest Workout Routine For Men

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Beautiful Chest is the dream of all bodybuilders. There is a chest workout routine for men so that the newcomers are easily built up their bodies and follow the routine. Today we will discuss a Beginner’s Chest Workout routine for them. Many people have questions about how much to do if it can be pumped or given a nice shape. It is possible to get a beautiful chest with some simple workouts on the chest.

On the internet, you can see a huge number of articles about this matter and I’m sure that this article doesn’t make you bore and also gives you a really massive experience.  For making your body more attractive, you should follow some rules, simple chest workout plan, training planning, eating healthy food, and various ways.

Firstly, you should make a perfect routine to extend your exercise. The variety of chest exercises for men at home makes your muscles different angles. You can take four times a workout day for a week but taking rest can affect your bodybuilding, so you should take regular training.

Top 5 Chest Workout Routine for Men:

1. Out-Angle Chest Workout for 8 Weeks:

Out-Angle is one of the best chest and arms workout routine. Most people avoid taking training and avoiding the gym chest workout on Monday, but who really loves and cares about their body, they start this first day of the week doing something new that they like. A big chest makes a big body and good training with a proper chest workout plan gives your muscles variety. You should not take this bodybuilding so complicatedly because an out-angle workout is simple and easy which gives you the positive result of upper body strength and thickness in eight weekly routines.

Workout Summary: pushups for 30 seconds and take 30 seconds off in one minute, do these pushups a hundred times or more. This is a great way to warm you up and pumping your blood pressure. If you feel that your body is overweight and struggling to do it then you can perform this on the floor taking the help of your knees.

After pushup, you can add Incline Barbell Press to your chest workout routine. You can do this by adding weight to the bar. Incline Barbell Press is good for bodybuilding. Single Arm Cable Crossover is a popular movement that can blast the lower area of the Pecs. This exercise allows you to focus on each side of your body and keep you in more balanced.

5 Best Chest Workout Routine For Men

Time per workout: 20 to 45 minutes.

Days per week: 1 day

Training level: beginner

Workout type: single muscles group

Main goal: build muscles

2. Chest and Back Specialization Workout Routine for 8 Weeks:

For this workout, you should give 2 days per week and intake +500 to +700 calories per day during this chest day workout routine. Because extra calories will help you to recover your growth. Eat more and more calories if you feel hungry and always listen to your body. During workout time you should focus on machines and hard work.

In Chest and Back Specialization Workout, you will focus on heavy rowing and deadlifts with a dumbbell chest workout routine and take a rest between 30 seconds. Do bench press, deadlifts, Barbell Shrugs, Pendlay Rows, One Arm Dumbbell Rows, and Barbell Shrugs for back and chest. For legs you should do Seated Calf Raise, Leg Extensions or Leg Press, Leg Curls, Hack Squat or Dumbbell Lunges, Stiff Leg Deadlift, and Squats. Also do for Shoulders and Arms Skullcrushers, Dumbbell Curl, Seated Overhead Press, EZ Bar Preacher Curl, Seated Dumbbell Press, etc.

5 Best Chest Workout Routine For Men

3. Workout to Pump up Your Chest in 3 Weeks:

You may feel that building a big chest is not as simple as it says, but it is true. Using heavyweights with the help of pumping supersets you can grow your thickest chest and build your body. These chest workouts for men help to expand your chest and gains muscles by doing little training with this. You should always notice each bench press, movement of the chest, incline press, crossover, and dip exercise.

Until getting the proper body position you cannot understand about this workout properly and it can affect your upper chest. So at first you should lay down on the bench and set your feet on the floor. Then bend your lower back faintly and raise your ribcage up high. After that pinch your scapulae jointly and dragged your shoulder downward and push them into the bench.

Workout Summary: for the first week you should do Dumbbell Fly, Incline Bench Press, Cable Crossover and Seated Chest Press Machine to grow your muscles. In the second week, you follow Incline Cable Fly, Bench Press, Cable Crossover, and Smith Machine Incline Bench Press to set up twitch muscle fiber. And in the third week, you should do hard work to shock the muscles and increase new muscle growth. In this step, you should do Bodyweight Dips, Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Fly, and Incline Dumbbell Bench Press exercises.

5 Best Chest Workout Routine For Men

4. The Pec Pumper Workout for 8 Weeks:

If your chest is your strongest or weakest are, it does not matter; everyone wants best chest workout. You can start your exercise routine on the first day of the week. In this workout, you have 5 exercises and 17 sets. You should do this workout at the gym because you may take good trainers this Pec Pumper workout and besides this, you can take other exercises for getting better results.

Firstly, make your mental trap focus on pushing overweight and concentrate on the growth of the chest. The weights are only objects nothing extra. After pumping you can take a rest for one minute and prepare for another one minute. You must do this workout less than 45 minutes of that day. You can include Low Incline Fly, Incline Bench Press, Hammer Strength Machine Bench Press, Dumbbell Bench Press, and Stretch Push Up on Risers exercises on your chest workout routine.

5 Best Chest Workout Routine For Men

Main goal: building muscles

Training level: intermediate

Program duration: 8 weeks

Times per workout:  1 hour is better

Days per week: 1 day per week

5. Bench Press Workout to Increase Strength and Chest Size:

Bench press workout routine is one of the best chest workout plan. In local gyms, there is spreading a tendency of bench pushing and give this exercise more important than others. It is important to develop your upper body strength but the problem is that many people do not know the exact idea about the exercise. This article is going to tell you about this problem and the basic rules you should follow that can save you.

To increase chest size at first you should do this workout with some light weights and then slowly increase the weights. You can include Seated Chest Press, DB Incline Fly, BB Flat Bench Press, DB Incline Press, Push-Ups those exercises for developing your chest.

Main goal: building muscles

Program duration: 8 weeks

Days per week: one day

Workout type: single muscle group

Time per workout: 60 minutes to 75 minutes

Training level: beginner

So, these are our list of the 5 best chest workout routine for men. I hope following these tips you can get a better result.

Best Chest Workout For Men During Quarantine:

It is good to avoid a weekly workout routine and follow a daily workout during this Quarantine, as we have enough time to do that. COVID-19 forced everyone to stay at home and for this, the regular gym workout routine for men was disrupted. So we feel mentally disrupted during these quarantine periods and it is important to move on from this to maintain regular activities. Here is some best chest workout for men those can do at home:

Chest Exercises For Men At Home without Equipment:

Regular push-ups with variations are the best chest exercises for men at home. It helps to improve the strengths of the chest, balanced upper body strengths and hits chest areas to improve. Incline push-ups is good for lower chest improvement. Decline push-ups help to increase muscles mass.

Best Chest Workout Routine for Men with Dumbbell:

You can easily exercise at your own home and give muscles minimal fuss with dumbbells. Lying on the bench and hold dumbbells in your hands then start to stretch over your arm. Incline chest press regularly helpful for your chest. Staying in control of the dumbbells you can easily do this.

Chest Dips Workout for Men:

It is an amazing ab workout routine for men to build strong chest. It adds the depth of the chest. If you don’t want to hurt your shoulder joint then be careful to do this workout. For this exercise, you need two parallel bars stools. Grabbing the surface of the bars you should bend your knees and avoid touching the floor. Slowly go down controlling your body.

Staying at home we can fight against the Coronavirus life-taking pandemic and by doing regular workouts we can fight against our mental and physical problems. We should follow the workout routines for weight loss also.

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