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4 Reasons Monk Strap Shoes for Women will Level-up Your Closet


Monkstraps may be a little old, but they’re a shoe that’s finally getting refreshed. It’s time you found a few ways to get monk straps into your closet and level up all the styles you’ve got going for this fall.

I mean, monk strap shoes for women are really starting to pick up momentum. There are so many different styles these days and adapting them to women’s fashion has taken this stuffy old format and made them AMAZING.

So let’s go through a few reasons why monk strap shoes for women rule and how you can use them to make your winter looks SING.

The old-school cool cannot be resisted

There’s just so much cultural resonance to monk strap shoes. You can’t help but feel like you’re tapping into something old and rich when putting on a pair. Monkstraps have been around for centuries and worn by artists for decades, and women’s apparel brands are refreshing the old form with cool new materials and variations on the style.

It’s simply impossible to not feel classic as heck about slipping into a pair of monkstraps

You can wear them all day and all night

Because they have that much history, monkstraps for women are great because they’re essentially guaranteed to be comfortable if you gradually introduce yourself to them. Don’t just throw them on and run a marathon, gradually level up the amount of time you spend in them and you’ll basically have a pair of socks that will never let you down. Getting them in lasting materials also guarantees that you’ve got an all-weather option that will never let you down

They’re getting bolder and bolder in their design

That’s the thing about classic shoe styles, designers take that tried-and-true form and add details to them that make them really pop and shine. Monkstrap shoes are great for this because you can build them out of wild materials or add stunning flairs to them and it won’t come off as ostentatious. A conservative form with bold materials like gold or burgundy fabric really really sings in your outfit.

They work in the office and out

Because they’re so proper, monk straps work really well in an office setting. Either get a plain, minimalistic pair to anchor your most reserved office attire, or use them to go super loud on top of your boldest fashion statements. Either way, you can use monkstrap shoes as a foundation to an outfit that works well both within and without an office setting, making it super easy to transition from going to work to going out.

But what are the ways you think monk straps will fit into your repertoire? Let us know down below and don’t forget to be awesome!

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