4 Creative & Monetary Rewarding Art Fields to Study

Art is amongst the most less-pursued academic verticals, in the last decade or so. It is sometimes described as a high-society hobby for those who retire wealthy. Or an area of focus only for eccentric & creative minds.

Or passionate individuals who are ready to live an economical life, as art won’t fetch you corporate jobs with high-paying packages.

But, all these are stereotypes that one must overcome.

Art is a means of preserving history, a way to express one’s feelings, and a way to communicate with people in the future.

Regardless of what the popular belief is, good-paying art jobs & lucrative career options are there in the vertical of art.

And, today, in this article, we’ll be discussing the top four creative art fields, so let’s scroll down to know more:-

#1. Art Glass

There is a huge scope in the vertical of art glass.

It is an age-old art that includes melting specialized glass such as COE90 into vessels to create artistic objects like jewelry. Also known as a glassblower, a glass artist is responsible for designing, fusing, decorating, and finishing a raw piece of glass into an artwork that gets a lot of praise.

All you need is premium art glass supplies, some inspiration, and training to master the art of glass painting.  It may take some time to manage but eventually, you will get there and make a career out of it.

#2. Ceramics

Clay, working on the wheel, firing in a kiln, and glazing— a ceramics artist must have the right set of skills and extensive knowledge to create mesmerizing art objects.

An aspiring ceramics artist has to be well-versed with the traditional techniques and with day-and-day practice to hone their skills.

Once you’ve learned the basics of ceramics, you have to challenge your conception of what you can do with clay.

You can enroll yourself for professional ceramics training, and master a variety of techniques covering hand building, firing, glazing, nesting objects, and forms & surfaces.

#3. Sculpting

Wood, fiber, metal, or stone—a sculptor can work with a wide range of mediums.

Typically, a sculptor works in stone, and the traditional Italian have been craving marble for centuries. This traditional form of art dates back to 230,000 BCE. If you are willing to pursue a career in sculpture, irrespective of the medium, then you should join a course in molding, casting, art history, and sketching.

You gotta be selective with what type of materials you should opt for such as metal, wire, fabric, wood, stone or clay, or a combination. You’ve to devote time to put all the theory into practical application.

#4. Metalworking

Silver, bronze or steel—-a metal worker is an artist who has the skills to wield tools for heating & cooling metal at various rates and accomplish refined finished products.

Metalwork is a highly creative vertical that involves all the diverse aspects of metal manipulation.

Owing to the dangerous nature of the job, proper training and learning safe techniques is indispensable.

Some metalworking courses also include mixed media jewelry, stone cutting, metal casting, forming, and so much more. So, as a metalworker, you’ve to gain practical industry knowledge to build art objects and structures that last a lifetime and create your legacy as an artist.

Finally, patience & pursuance is indispensable to have a successful career as an artist. You need to practice a lot, till you achieve perfection.

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