Why it Makes Sense to Install Solar Street Lights

To meet the demands for conserving energy and preserving natural resources that could soon deplete to alarming levels, there has been a considerable focus on alternative energy sources for the past many years. In addition, street lights powered by traditional energy sources for illuminating the streets and roads continually emits harmful gases like carbon dioxide and worsen the environment. Against this backdrop, solar powered street lighting systems like the ones you would find at https://www.solarlightingitl.com have started gaining wide popularity worldwide. The most attractive features of these street lights are that it reduces carbon footprints and cost much less than traditional street lights.

The commercial outdoor lighting market in the US is more than $11 billion, and it is currently going through a renaissance led by the duo of solar energy and LED lights. The lights are especially popular for use in new construction projects where there is no infrastructure or minimal infrastructure. Non-availability of grid power is no more an issue because solar street lights that run on batteries provide the perfect answer. Moreover, the enormous cost-saving potential for solar street lights is making it the number one choice for new projects.

Hurricane resistant installations

According to the experience of city developers who have installed solar street lights in their projects, these lights are capable of withstanding high-speed winds including hurricanes. The street light designs factor wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour that the systems can endure. The Premier Homes in Richmond va where solar street lights have been installed bears testimony to the fact because it has survived two hurricanes successfully without any issue.

Focus on new installations

It will be too much to expect that solar street lights would become a norm sometime very soon because it is not feasible to retrofit existing street lights that have been in use for years. This is the reason why these lights are the chosen ones for new projects. However, there is no doubt that the new technology will be attractive for locations where there is equal concern for grid power and safety.

Free from utility grid dependence

Solar street lights run on solar batteries and do not have to depend on grid power. This makes it more flexible for installing in rural areas where it can run without the need for connecting to the light poles. The solar lights are available in different grades of illuminating capabilities that can create a flood light of direct illumination. The lights are available in three varieties – 4400 lumens followed by 9750 lumens and 14,300 lumens for use in standard fixtures. By using double poles, it is possible to achieve illumination of 28,600 lumens.

More light at lesser cost by using fewer but more powerful lights is achievable for solar powered street lighting systems, and you can design the system to meet any budget. The hurricane rating of solar street lights bears the mark of its durability. Use of dusk to dawn sensors with the installation helps to conserve energy.


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