Trekz titanium bone conduction headphones

Today, the Trekz titanium looks like a nice pair of wireless neckband style headphones. It is made up of titanium alloy and the rubber coated titanium feels robust as well as light in weight. The great thing about this high quality headphone is very comfortable to wear for a long period. Every user’s head is so different, but you may feel better experience after using this headphone. This type of headphone is rated to IP55 that comes with a great feature of water and dust resistance. Even, you can also wear this headphone in the rain without even any problems. Now, the Trekz titanium headphones are available in many colors such as green, blue or grey finishes.

One of the best technologies used in the Trekz titanium headphone is called as bone conduction. The benefits of this technology are sending vibrations via your cheekbones, where the sound is operated inside your ear. This means that the ears are free to hear the outside noise. Normally, when you are finding the casual ear buds, first, you should know the difference between the Trekz titanium and conventional earphones are becoming apparent. When compared to normal headphones, this latest Trekz titanium headphone is noticeably a safer option to use while running, jogging and cycling etc.

Key features of Trekz titanium

This new bone conduction technology headphone is giving a genuine way for listening to the music. When it comes to performance, this headphone is specially designed for the jogs, gym and runs on the outdoors. The design of this headphone is very attractive that comes with the couples of bone conduction transducers, which simply sits just aside of the ears, rather than going into the ear canal. In this headphone, one of the speakers has a pause button on a side that proved really useful and also able to stops the music, whenever you want.

The Trekz titanium bone conduction headphone is a genuinely interesting product to buy that provides a natural feel to the users. They provide the excellent as well as natural sound quality, which is exactly suitable for both noisy and quiet environments as well. However, this product is specifically more impressive for the users, because they are very strong, flexible, very simple to fit and also able to hold in a pocket or a bag. If you are new to this headphone, you just want to take a look at the following features before buying that include:

  • IP55 rating
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Dual noise- cancelling microphones
  • New bone conduction technology


  • Good level of situational improved awareness
  • Flexible and lightweight in design
  • Very useful in offices, gym jogs, etc.
  • Bone conduction technology works well


  • Lackluster sound quality
  • Loose neck strap
  • Very short battery life
  • More vibrations
  • A few sound leakages
  • Slightly uncomfortable after a long use

Why should you buy Trekz titanium bone conduction headphone?

If you are trying on a nice pair of bone conduction headphones at the first time, it can be definitely a new experience for the user. This headphone will make you feel like better due to the feeling of vibrations in opposition to the side of your head. You may also free feel to hear everything happens around you. It also offers the high volume of your audio. Due to its great features, many people can be used to wear this headphone for everyday listening. However, these headphones are really excelled at podcasts and audio books as well.

If you are planning to wear this headphone, specifically during cycling or running, it should be a good fine choice to use and enjoy your favorite music. If you are in an office environment, you just turn them up. When you purchase this headphone, a pair of conventional ear plugs is included in a packed box. If you don’t wish to hear any ambient noise, you can simply select to wear the Trekz titanium, because of its high quality sound. Therefore, these bone conduction headphones are definitely a great option for sporty commuting and endeavor as well.

The battery life of this latest Trekz titanium headphone is rated at minimum six hours of constant listening that is quite reasonable according to this article. Now, you can easily find this headphone on the market. You can charge this headphone over micro-USB that takes around a half and an hour. When it comes to considering safety, rather than sound quality, the Trekz Titanium Bone Conduction Headphone is a primary concern and you will find a lot of features in this. It is also a highly recommended headphone for the joggers and cyclists as well.


Overall, the Trekz titanium is a latest bone conduction technology headphone that enables the cyclist to ride safely by enjoying music with this headphone.


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