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When one hears the word India, a lot of things come to mind. According to various studies, the most commonly associated words with India are color, spice, diversity and culture. This is a testament to the vibrant palette of cultures and people that is India. There are 29 states and 1.2 billion people from many different backgrounds, following different religions and customs and all living in a singular secular nation.

When traversing the entire country, one needs to try and visit many places along the way. There are very options that provide the coverage and views that the railways can do. The railways have an extensive network of tracks that span over 70000 kilometers, which is enough to circumnavigate the globe nearly twice. For explorers and travellers, trains are the go-to option, with nearly 7000 stops across India, one can board and get off at any station and explore per their heart’s content.

India has a lot to offer; from the many types of flora and fauna that are indigenous to very specific parts of the country to views and sights that are one of a kind. One can find sights such as an ocean on one side and a mountain range on the other, a very narrow and long rail track that floats across crystal clear blue waters and trains that run across the Himalayas. These make for experiences and tales that will last a life time.

Stories are another hallmark of the railways; whether it is the conversations one can have on a journey or learning about the history of the train itself and the many stations it may pass through, each has its own story to tell. There is a reason that often times artists, filmmakers, photographers, novelists and poets take trains. They do this so they can collect the stories and sights and use them as a muse and feature it in their own tales. The many types of people who come from different backgrounds also make train journeys very intriguing and memorable. Anyone who has travelled by train will certainly have a great story to tell.

Apart from the natural scenery on offer, the culture and heritage of the country is quite rich and diverse. Each city has their own monuments and history, and the diversity of every single one makes for a compelling case to visit them all. There are places with many palaces, lakes, forts and even temples. Each place also has their own type of cuisine, which makes it an even better idea for travelers with big appetites and a lust for good food. With advancing technology and features such as mobile applications, ticket booking is easy. One can easily check train status, IRCTC train running status,PNR status and much more. This makes the Indian Railways one of the most widely used public transport networks in the world. India is a giant canvas, filled with color and a great many types of vibrant cultures. The experiences that one can collect through rail travel are unparalleled. Travelling through the country can enrich one’s soul and open their minds to explore more and seek thrilling adventures.

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