Tips for The Perfect Jaw Dropping Bride Entry


First impressions are vital. The first time you met your beau determined how you saw each other and if you wanted to meet again. One thing led to another and now, you are getting married! You are now to take on a totally new role, the role of a Wife. Your boyfriend is going to become your husband and the day that marks this transition has to be a grand affair. The guests at your wedding banquet hall should never be able to forget you. The bride entry will define how the rest of the wedding goes for you.

Say ‘No’ to Minimalism

Your wedding day isn’t the day to tone things down. Everything has to be dhamaakedaar. If you prefer pastels to red, so be it. But your attire needs to be gorgeous with sequins and embroidery. You need the entire makeup regime to make you look perfect. You need to look the part of a bride. You need to steal the show.
Do not go minimalistic. You need to look perfect and plan the most jaw dropping wedding entry to turn heads. Your makeup artist and hairstylist will take care of your look. Your job is to pull off that look with great elegance. Here are some bride entry ideas to achieve the desired response.

Showstopper Bridal Entry Ideas

You look beautiful on your wedding day and your entry needs to do justice to all the hours of hard work behind that flawless look. Here are some ideas to do that exactly.

The Funky way

Enter in a funky designed auto rickshaw without a roof. Stand or sit in it with your friends holding colour bombs while you enter. To make a sassier entry, you could ride the rickshaw yourself.

Light Up your Way with Crackers

If it is an evening wedding, brighten your path up with sparkling fire crackers. Have a line of people hold crackers on either sides. As you enter, get them to light these crackers. The crackers shouldn’t run out before your entry is complete. So, have the people be ready with more crackers to light before the current one goes off.

The Sassy Bride Entry

If you are already in the same building and have only the stairs or a hallway to pass, you can make the most of it with some music and dancing. If you don’t want to dance in all the bridal weight, have your friends dance around you while you enter in the coolest shades, to some badass music. Have a group of friends enter dancing first, to get their attention. Don’t smile, just enter like a showstopper. Finally, when you reach the spot, you can take off your shades and give your brightest smile. You will need your entire convoy for this one.

Chopper Entry

For this one, you will need to book a suitable venue. You need open space for this bride entry style. It isn’t too difficult to hire a chopper. You just need to make sure there is enough space and the timing is right. Practice climbing in and out of the chopper in a long uncomfortable skirt so that you can pull it off with sass for the show. Take your time and come out of the chopper in huge shades and a broad confident smile, accompanied by your friends behind you.

Ride in Style

If you are a biker girl, ride a classy bike into the wedding. Send in three bikes from you convoy to draw the attention. Then enter on your bike followed by your gal pals on bikes or scooters.

Tips for the Most Confident Entry

Entering your wedding gracefully in front of hundreds of guests can be a little overwhelming. You could trip, just because you thought you would, or because of that elaborate flowing latest bridal dress. You might be nervous among so many people or you might just feel very hot and hungry, fasting in a crowd full of people. So, here are some secrets for you to deal with it all.

Select the right shoes

Avoid uncomfortable shoes. Make sure your wedding shoes aren’t absolutely new. To avoid getting blisters, wear them 2 or 3 times at home to stretch them out. Even if you can wear heels easily, avoid uncomfortable heels for your wedding day. Wear very small heels because you don’t want to get aching feet and walk weirdly. Don’t wear flats though because that would increase the chances of you tripping over your own velvet saree for any occasion. Wear something slightly elevated, but with a lot of heel support. Maybe platform heels or low rise wedges.

Make Your Entry Tripping Proof

You know what else is awkward? Holding your wedding attire with your own hand while walking. Here you need to keep a secret and a secret sharer. Get hold of a peg matching the colour of your wedding attire. Lift your wedding dress a little and clip it at the back. Have your friends stand right behind you while you walk to the mandap so that nobody sees the clip. Have one of them to take it off when you are about to sit.

Share the secret with your close friends. Let everybody use these tips. But they are secrets because nobody at your wedding should know about these tips. Just leave them wondering how you manage to glide along with such flair. Without the mystery, the perfection loses its charm.

Use these secret tips to make your bridal entry ideas work out perfectly for you. Enter the wedding with swag and you will own the night! Share some of the entry ideas with your beau so that you both have amazing entries, and look every bit of the power couple you are. Invest enough time and planning on the bride entry process. Remember, it is the first impression to the wedding from the bride’s side.

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