Three Ways Your Personal Style Might Be Holding You Back

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Personal style is a mixture between what you need in order to be comfortable, and how you can use what is available to express yourself. Having poor eyesight, for example, means you need either glasses or contact lenses, but not putting in the effort to find the right option for you can either mean discomfort or self-consciousness. You deserve to look and be your best at all times, and the only person who can provide that to you is yourself.

If you do not feel completely confident, look to your wardrobe. Look to your aids, and to the fit of your clothes. Chances are, there is something that can be audited and improved. To help you find out what this something is, follow this guide.

You Aren’t Expressing Yourself

The core value of personal style is the aspect of self-expression. Self-expression is important for the same reason you want people to know your name and what your core beliefs are – because it is what makes you an individual. Unlike your personality, however, what you wear can be a visual indicator for who you are. Through styles and colors, you can tell a story about yourself that helps people set the right expectation for you. With this, you can actually help people treat you the way you want to be treated. For example, if you want to be seen as a high power businesswoman, wearing clean-cut lines and neutrals can give people the impression you are looking for.

What You Wear Doesn’t Fit

You must always aim to wear what fits you correctly. Numbers in the grand scheme of things do not matter, and the body changes throughout our lives. What used to fit five years ago most likely won’t fit you properly now, and holding on to your “previous size” is not doing you any favors. Instead, it is only causing you pain, and in most cases, probably isn’t helping you look your best. Be honest with your size and dress for it. Buying one new pair of jeans even when you are dieting can help you feel better about yourself than trying to squeeze into jeans that simply don’t fit.

It Isn’t Supporting You

What you wear and use should help you live your life to its fullest. If you need aids to help correct your eyesight, for example, then you will want to look into the different options. From different styles for glasses to even different types of contact lenses, there are variations out there, and it is up to you to find the one that fits best. For example, you might want to try switching your contact lenses if you stare at digital screens all day. Hydrated eyes can be a reality, but only if your choice of eye wear supports your lifestyle and day-to-day activities, like the Ultra contact lenses offered by Bausch + Lomb Australia do.

From practical setbacks and poor choices to even old clothes you find difficult to part with but no longer fit, there are many reasons what you wear and how you style yourself could be holding you back. Take the plunge and make those changes that matter today, so that you can finally start being your best self yet.

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