Things to Know Before Visiting Morocco with Virikson Morocco

Travelling is not everyone’s cup of tea. People are so fond of the idea but reality is completely off the track. When it comes to the struggle of booking holidays or acquiring travel plans, many of the tend to take back steps.Recently when I was looking for Morocco travel deals, I also discovered it as hard job, I wanted to quit but my messed up routine didn’t allow me. Landed in the land of enchanting landscapes, the Sahara, snow covered mountains and the aroma of spices in the air. Certainly, I felt peace in the environment, it was my soul that suddenly calm down and no other thoughts were crossing my mind.

Morning in Morocco

I bet that you’ve had many good mornings of your life but the one in Marrakech will be the most fabulous and refreshing start of day. Visit to Marrakech is the ultimate experience to the charm, heat and traditions. Marrakech is one of the imperials cities of Morocco, though, half of its population is based on foreigners from Europe but still one have to respect the culture and keep the traditions.

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If you are sure not the grab the unwanted attention, then dress accordingly, it means no top tanks or miniskirts. Travellers already know the way to adjust in other cultures, they are certainlyhabitual in adjusting to the changes. If you are travelling for the first time, respect the locals and their norms.

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This is the important aspect for the shopping. Vendors out there may demand more than the profit or actual price of the product. So, don’t worry if you need to haggle with them and bargain about the price, it is done as a necessary activity in Morocco.

Phrases and words to commute conveniently

In case you are not an Arab, which you are not for sure (only guessing), thendon’t hesitate in learning some common phrases or words. It will make your journey little bit easy. Some of common phrases are:

  • Thank you” will go like “shoukran” and “No Thank You” is “La Shoukran”.
  • To ask for the price “How much?” is said as “Bechhale?” which is pronounced as “be-ch’hal”.

Hopefully, these phrases and words will help you in roaming around the markets in Morocco.

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Flaming heat of desert, snowy mountains and probably most kind people will welcome you whole heartedly. Stay in Riad and you will enjoy the most lavishing traditions that no luxury hotel can provide. Hence, it is to be advised that try to mingle up with the locals, stay in touch with your travel guide just to be safe in the city. Acquire the opportunity to attend any ongoing event, so you’ll learn more about the Morocco traditions and regional culture. Art, music and storytelling are their specialities.

To have a convenient journey in morocco, make sure that you choose a trustworthy travel agency. Internet is full of the companies that are providing budget friendly Morocco travel deals. Just know that they have best planned tours and proper guideline is provided about the tour.

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