The 10 Fastest Ways to Get Cash on Your Old RV

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By Sarah Jay

You can gain money off your old RV mainly by going to their website, answering questions about the condition of your RV and personal information about yourself, such as age and income, then answering more questions about what size of RV you would like to sell. There are also other methods, of course. However, in this article, we will touch upon the ten fastest ways to get cash on your old RV.

1. Trade It In

If you have a nice used RV that you would like to trade in for a new one, then you should go to a website that wants to buy your RV, like and get paid cash as a down payment on a new one. This service will trade your RV for cash. The amount of cash is based on the value of your old RV.

2. Sell It Yourself

If you want to make the most money possible, sell your own RV privately and keep all the money. This option is best if it is a well-kept, high-quality RV with low miles and many new parts/upgrades, such as tires and batteries.

3. Sell it through the Auction House

It is for people with a nice, high-quality used RV with many upgrades but needs to make some money quickly and sell it privately or at the auction house. This option is best for making money on your old RV fast.

4. Trade it in for Cash

This is a good option if you are on the fence about selling your old RV. It is a lot of work, but you can get paid Cash as a down payment on a new one and make some cash fast.

5. Sell Your Old RV to Someone Who Will Pay More for It

If you want to sell your used RV privately to someone else, that’s fine by me. This option can be hard to do since most people will only pay you based on the condition of your RV and the price of the model/year.

6. Sell it for Parts

It is a wise option where you can sell your old RV to a salvage yard and get paid in Cash for the parts and materials left over. They will pay you for the wiring, hardware, etc., that cannot be sold as used RVs because they are too damaged or worn out. If you need to improve with electronics, you may want to sell your RV this way.

7. Rent it out

You can rent your RV out for a whole summer, a popular tourist option. This service will pay you a percentage of the total earnings from renting your RV towards your down payment on the new RV.

8. Flipping it

It is the best option for selling your RV fast. It involves buying and then quickly reselling your RV for Cash before you have paid off all the loans you took out to purchase it. However, it can be a risky option since you are still paying off the loan and have to go back out and find another used RV to buy to sell again quickly. However, it is a good option if you have a high credit score and a good income.

9. Holding It

Many prefer to keep their RV as a significant investment rather than sell it. It is especially true if they have upgraded it with new parts/upgrades such as tires, paint, and electronics. If it was a high-quality RV, they might pay more later on when they sell it since there will be fewer used RVs on the market to purchase when they want/need to get a new one.

10. Donate It to a Charity

Some charities accept RV donations, which is an excellent option if you are ready to sell your RV and want to donate it. You can get a tax receipt and a good deal on buying a new one. (remember to include the maintenance costs, registration fees, and insurance in your total cost of owning the RV when you calculate how much it will cost for the year).

The Bottom Line

Cash for my rv fast with HeyRV is a way to get Cash for your old RV, which gives you time to get used to selling your old RV and making some money. And as long as you are honest with their questions, you will have no problem getting Cash for your old or used RV either.

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