How Does Smoking Affect Your DENTAL Health?

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By Mohammad Rashid

Smoking simply kills! There is no if or but about that. So, if you smoke, do it on own peril as the habit is deadly harmful to your overall health. General health aside, tobacco use is also bad for your dental health. Studies in the past have showed how smoking is a potent risk factor for developing periodontal disease. The chemicals present in tobacco products are extremely damaging to your body and its different parts. And if you care about your teeth and gums, and if you want to flash a dazzling smile, you then have no option but to quit smoking immediately

Smoking can affect your dental health in many ways, including –

Bad Breath

Smokers have a distinctly bad breath. The odor emanating from their mouth is quite repulsive for non-smokers to bear. Tobacco smell is often so strong that even chewing gums or mint can suppress them beyond a point. If you smoke, some smell will always be there no matter how much mouth wash you do. Your habit can this stop you from making a good first impression upon others.

Stained Teeth

Smokers often have stained teeth. Their habit causes discoloration of the teeth. And in most cases, the staining is so severe than no tooth cleaning treatment could even fix that. Any tobacco product with prolonged use often leave behind dark color chemicals on the teeth to ruin its pearly white shades over time. With smoking, you stand to lose your great smile.

Dry Mouth

Irritation and inflammation to the salivary glands is common among smokers. This leads to dry mouth – a condition responsible for bad breath. When your mouth is dry, there will be no moisture and enzyme to scrub away food debris, plaque and harmful bacteria leading to a whole host of other dental problems. You can drink plenty of water to keep the mouth hydrated and retain your oral health.

Tartar and Plaque

Smoking makes the mouth more acidic. This can change the pH level to cause different oral issues. More importantly, this condition is favorable for tartar and plaque build up which can pose of the risk of tooth decay leading to eventual dental erosion. If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you have no option but to kick the habit of smoking sooner rather than later.

Jawbone Decay

Smokers are more likely to have gum disease than the rest. Such people are more prone to plaque and tartar build up on the teeth. Such a build up is bad for your oral health as it often leads to tooth loss and this might become the reason behind decay of the jawbone. That’s why smoking is so darn bad for your oral health.


White patches inside the mouth are common among smokers. You’re mistake if you don’t take them seriously because they might be a sign of cancer to come. Any such signs should immediately be reported to the dentist to see if everything is fine with your oral health. Getting yourself routinely checked is also a good way to stay on top of your dental health.

Gum Disease

Smokers are more at risk for gum disease and gingivitis than the rest. That’s why tooth loss risk is also greater in them. This happens due to the reduced blood flow to the gums. And when that happens, the mouth loses it potency to heal or protect the roots of the teeth. You should quit smoking to live healthy.

Slow Healing

When you smoke, it causes a constant flow of toxins in the body. The habit also lowers the flow of blood affective the functioning of the salivary glands. This is how the mouth loses it natural ability to heal causing smokers to live with slow healing of dental procedures or oral surgeries. Smokers also have lower success rate of implant procedures.

Oral Cancer

Tobacco products are high in toxic chemicals which can harm the cells in the mouth leading to an increased risk of cancer. You must consult a top new Hyde park dentist regularly if you smoke. By doing so, you can get yourself checked for any possible sign of cancer developing inside the mouth. This will help you stay on top of your dental health.

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