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We all know Shameless is a very popular American TV program that had a gloomy week as people give farewell to their most favorite show. After a very much decade of the Gallagher family go on Chicago’s south side, the TV program ends with season 11 episode 12, “Father Frank, Full of Grace”. Viewers cried on the last and final episode but at the same time they were very happy about the show; how it was continuously entertaining the people. So all the viewers are waiting for the shameless season 12 as the show remains to stop during the pandemic. But surely you get some information through this article.

About shameless:

The new viewers, who don’t know about shameless but hear about it and get interested to watch the series, must read this article. Shameless is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on January 9, in the year 2011 on Showtime. Paul Abbott created this series which developed by John Wells which is basically based on the British series Shameless.

In October 2009 the show moved to Showtime and the productions made a lead episode for the channel in December. The show was premiered on 11th April 2011 on Showtime and ended in January 2020 with 134 episodes, 11 seasons. All seasons had 12 episodes and the last episode named “Shameless Hall of Shame”.

Star cast of shameless with their characters:

The main character of this show is Frank Gallagher which is acted by William H. Macy. And the other fictional characters are Fiona Gallagher, Jimmy Lishman, Carl Gallagher, Veronica V Fisher, and Debbie Gallagher which are acted by Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum, Shanola Hampton, Ethan Cutkosky, and Emma Kenney. Also, there are so many other actors who played a vital role.

Overall story:

The series is all about the economically unstable family of Frank Gallagher, the neglectful single dad of six: Liam, Debbie, Carl, Ian, Phillip, Fiona. Whereas his children earn money and look after themselves and he is busy spending his life drunk or in seek of misadventures. Actually, the producers want to show that how a father’s drug addiction and alcoholism affect his entire family.

Overview of all 11 seasons:

Season 1:

The 1st season premiered on 9th January 2011 on Showtime and ended on 27th March 2011. This season reflects a dysfunctional family of Gallagher who lived on the south side of Chicago and the ups and downs of the elder daughter of Frank, Fiona Gallagher’s new relationship with Jimmy or Steve.  The season started with the pilot and ended full of grace.

Season 2:

The second season premiered on 8th January 2012 and last aired on 1st April 2012. This season reflects the summer love and their celebration of father’s day and lovely parenthood. In the last episode, Fiona interrupted in her life, Frank breaks Monica; Jimmy tries to earn Fiona’s grace, Sheila doing the right thing and Ian runs Ned.

Season 3:

The third season aired on 13th January 2013 and aired off 7th April 2013. In this season Fiona started living with Jimmy and she discovered that jimmy’s father is gay and he is in a relationship with her brother Ian. Everyone survives a lot and at last Lip completed his post-graduation, Fiona gets a full-time job at a cup company.

Season 4:

The fourth season premiered on 12th January 2014 and last aired on 6th April 2014. In this season Fiona was busy with her new job and had a relationship with her boss but she cheats on him and arrested. Frank’s liver failed and Carl helped him to find an organ donor. Ian came back with a change, Veronica was getting pregnant, and Kevin’s bar is going down.

Season 5:

The fifth season premiered on 11th January 2015 and last aired on 5th April 2015. In this season we also see the shameless Gallagher family where Frank, Lip, Fiona, and other family members band mutually to scrap invading hipster hordes. At the last time, people will find out that Fiona is released from jail and Ian having bipolar disorder.

Season 6:

The sixth season premiered on 10th January 2016 and last aired on 3rd April 2016. In this season Debbie confesses the desire of having the baby to Fiona. And at last, she returns to her manipulative, destructive, and drunk dad. Carl is with Chuckie while Ian’s and Debbie’s fates drape in the air.

Season 7:

The seventh season aired on 2nd October 2016 and aired off 18th December 2016. In this season Frank is disowned and kicked out of his home for his behavior and starts a homeless shelter. But he finds out Monica suffers from brain injure and is going to die. Fiona enjoys her single life and starts hooking up with random boys on Tinder and having sex with them. Carl, V, and Ian are also massed up with their life.

Season 8:

The eighth season aired on 5th November 2017 and aired off 28th January 2017. In this season we see that Frank is coming out of a drug-addicted haze and contributes to society whether Fiona faces so many hard decisions. Lip sacrifices so much to stay temperate while Ian wants to get back Trevor.

Season 9:

The ninth season premiered on 9th September 2018 and last aired on 10th March 2018. Only this season has 14 episodes. In this season we find that the south side hits by political fervor and Gallaghers seize justice into their hands.

Season 10:

The tenth season aired on 10th November 2019 and aired off 26th January 2019. Frank takes so many prescription drugs for his leg injury. Debbie emboldened by Fiona by $50,000, Lip navigates a relationship with Tami. Carl finishes his military school where Kev faced an identity crisis.

Season 11:

The eleventh season premiered on 6th December 2020 and last aired on 11th April 2020. In this season Frank is going to die. Before that Liam takes care of his father, Lip hits hurdles while Kev and V help her mom and trying to move. Debbie chooses herself overall, Mickey and Ian are moving out to the west side, and Carl reaches the policing limits.

Ending of the story:

The final episode of season 11 shows how each and every member of the family lives in different directions. It reflected the actual break up of family members for their own achievements. The Gallagher family comes to an end and searching for their next move. Lev and V were going to Louisville so they searching for a buyer for Alibi’s house.

Lip gets a good position in her job and took a positive turn to hr relationship for the better. She also sells Gallagher’s house by convincing others. Ian and Mickey shift at their new apartment and Carl became a police officer; Debbie builds a new love interest. And they meet and organize Alibi-style parties and mark the end as an era.

Does frank Gallagher die in the last episode?

Gallagher’s family is a true example of a perfect family but the Shameless Season 12 final episode depicted Frank’s death. The producers included the current coronavirus pandemic in the last season. Frank’s current situation was going with so many difficulties. After survived by alcoholic dementia and a massive overdose of drugs which was like his suicide, Frank finally died as he constricted COVID-19 by wearing an unnecessary mask.

Before failing in the ground, Frank wrote a letter for his family and wants to see his elder daughter Fiona. As his temperature reaches its maximum, Frank dies by holding his hands with the doctor Fiona’s hand. This is the most thrilling and saddest part of the episode for all the viewers and audiences.

That’s how Shameless Season 12, one of the beloved series over.  The fact is, the ended of this show was very difficult for every audience to accept. Everyone should admire one thing that the show continuously breakdown throughout all 11 seasons. So all the viewers are waiting for its 12th season.

When shameless 12 release?

Shameless Season 12 is the longest-running innovative scripted series of Showtime. The final episode of season 11 came out on 11th April 2021 on Showtime. During the COVID19 situation, the director announced that the 11th season would be the last and final series. So it’s bad to say that Shameless may not return with another season.

In so many interviews, the director, producers declared that there will be no other season of Shameless. Till now, there is no official announcement of Shameless Season 12 so; it might be positive or negative. If there will be any news, we will definitely provide you.

Where we can watch the old episodes?

You can watch the old episodes on YouTube, Wikipedia, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.


We know you are eagerly waiting for Shameless Season 12 but there is so much news about aired off of Shameless. But if there is any news about shameless season 12 such as story, cast, release date, premier channel; we will surely inform you.


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