A Quick Guide to Blocked Sewer Drain

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A blocked drain is a major issue for everyone. Hair, grease and foreign substances are the main cause of blocked drain. Apart from that, tree roots penetration is also a major cause of blocked sewer drain. Your old metal sewer lines can accumulate huge amounts of moisture and tree roots can get attracted with this moisture level. You cannot find these clogged areas without digging your landscape or outdoor premises because most of these sewer lines are installed underneath. If you find some small clogs in your drainage system then you can easily clean them with some cleaners or you can flush them out by plucking or loosening the trap. But when it’s a tree root intrusions or blocked by tree leaves and grease, you cannot clean it with your DIY tools. In this regard, you must contact blocked sewer drain cleaning specialists to clean your drainage system.

Signs of blocked drains:

  • You can find some trouble while you flush your toilet and the water will not move from your toilet smoothly.
  • Overflowing sink and you can notice that water will drain out slowing from your bathroom and sink as well.
  • Overflowing drains, gutters, gullies and manholes. These outlets will be blocked due to tree roots and leaves, and water will spread on your outdoor areas.
  • You can find some cracks and damages on your sidewalls, driveways and floors due to water leakages. Apart from that, you can also feel some foul smell from your bathroom, kitchen and outdoor places.

These are the most common signs which indicate the blocked sewer drain, and if you find any of these signs then you must call the trained professionals for inspection. They will inspect your drains with their CCTVs and find out the clogged areas instantly. Today, you do not need to excavate your property for repairing your sewer lines, and you can easily save your property and cost by sewer lines relining process. Blocked drain cleaning professionals will clean your drainage system and find out the leakages. Then, they will reline your drainage lines with epoxy materials. It will save your sewer lines from tree root intrusion and increase the longevity of your sewage system. Click here to know more.

How would you clean your blocked sewer drains?

You can use some DIY methods to clean your blocked sewer drain. You can pour some hot water mixed with vinegar inside the drains or you can also use some plunger to plug out the deposited garbage from your drainage system. Even you can also use some remote control cutting tools to cut the tree root intrusions from your drains. With these DIY techniques, you can remove or flush out the garbage from your drains, but you cannot repair your drainage system with your DIY tools. In this regard, you need to rely on the trained blocked drain cleaning specialists because they have advanced tools and they know how to treat the complicated blocked drain issues.

Why would you call the blocked drain cleaning professionals?

Trained blocked sewer drain cleaning professionals have some advanced tools and they can also use some harmful chemicals to clean your sewer lines. Most of these drain cleaning professionals use sulphuric acid which is very harmful to human health, and these chemicals can be by used by the licensed professionals only. Apart from that, they can use some hydro-jetting which is an expensive tool, as they know the process of using such advanced tools only.

Basically, to remove the rigid particles from your sewer lines, you must use such tools and chemicals. So, it is better to hire the trained professionals in this regard.

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