PPC Bid management platform: Why every startup needs this


PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of the essential parts of digital marketing. As the name suggests, the advertiser pays for each click. In other words, every time a person clicks on the PPC ad, Google charges the advertiser. PPC ads are so effective that they can bring apparent results such as brand awareness and conversions in a very short time. That’s why, every business, and especially startups should use this type of advertising. 

Creating a successful PPC ad campaign,(a set of PPC advertisements that are intended for a single goal), is tough work and requires time and skill investment. If a marketer can create relevant and well-targeted campaigns where the bid management is done properly, search engines, like Google or Facebook, charge them less for an ad click. Here comes to the rescue the bid management platform, which is an essential tool for startups today. So, if you don’t want to stay behind your competitors and rank your business to the higher levels, you have to start using them. 

PPC bid management is the operation of choosing the right bids, like lowering or raising them, for better results. Professional bid management will bring more traffic and conversions but will charge less. This can be done easily with the help of automation tools such as Adplorer’s bid management software. The software will optimize your startup’s marketing campaigns bringing you quick results. You just need to decide a specific budget for the campaign and the tool will automatically indicate the channels where your money is best spent and in what amount. It suggests various optimization goals which make the process double easier. 

Why do startups need this?

One of the most effective marketing ways for newly-opened businesses is the PPC ads campaign. It can be the fuel to your startup and bring results in short terms. And running a PPC campaign that requires intelligent bid management is tough work because If the bid management is not optimized correctly, it can ruin the business. 

The bid management software like mentioned above, is preferable to manual bid management because they reduce the failing risks or exclude them at all, are time and cost-saving, they will make it easier to optimize all the process and performance. Such platforms allow businesses to make accurate bids on search engines and get constant results. All the businesses, small or large, and especially startups will get many benefits from bid management platforms. The benefits are: Productivity; starting a business requires much effort and if you can automate some of the tasks connected with digital marketing, you’ll be more focused on major issues. HIgh control; managing one account is not difficult, but when you have multiple, it gets more and more confusing to control all of them with all the keywords and goals.

The optimization tools and features of bid management platforms will make it much easier to control and improve all the account’s performance even faster. Detailed analysis/reports; the algorithms of bid management software analyzes data in detail and create full reporting which helps you to understand the performance of the keyword better. This will lead you to choose the right optimization strategies further. 


Starting a business is not easy but it’s more difficult to manage it properly and not to get lost in the flow. Today local businesses are launching nearly every day and the competition is higher than ever. Without a digital marketing expert and without automation tools, it can be extremely difficult to make the startup profitable and also durable. The PPC bid management platform is the tool that will help you not to get lost and have quicker results!


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