Not Sure If You Need Local Professional House Painters? Here’s Why You Do

Who is Professional Painter?
Generally speaking, a professional painter is a person who makes a living through painting. That will be the dictionary definition. However, the definition will be slightly different in reality. What we regard as a professional painter is a person who has the skill and experience to deliver a quality of painting that an everyday painter cannot offer. So, a professional painter from Signature Painters does more than just paint. He delivers a holistic decorative work in painting.

What Does a Professional Painter Offer?

From the above description, what are those things that a professional painter offer? Let’s look at a few of these:

Professional Color Recommendation

For many folks, painting simply has to do with choosing any color and splashing this on the walls. A professional painter considers a lot of factors before choosing or recommending a color or colors. Depending on your general preference, the painter will consider, among other things, the material to be painted on and colors that will work well together.

You can get a few ideas that can help you with choosing colors for your home’s painting here.

Appropriate Paint Choice

Choosing the paint for your house’s painting is not all about the color. The color is an important part of the process but so is the quality and texture of the paint itself. Even professional painters do not just pick up any color and then paint. They carry out tests to ensure that the paint they have chosen is right for the surface.

A novice may pick up a type of paint and after painting, discover that the color is not coming through. This may lead to multiple coats of paint being applied, all of which result in wasted time and wasted paint. A professional will avoid all these by ensuring he works with the right paint.

Appropriate Time

A professional painter knows that there is an appropriate time to do any painting job and so will ensure the job is done at the right time.

The Professional Touch

This sounds like one of those very vague statements that some so-called professionals throw up when they want to give bills they can’t defend. This is not the case here. There is always a difference when a professional paint a house and when it is painted by a hobbyist.

A professional go through a thorough process prior to the commencement of the actual painting. First, they thoroughly examine the surface to be painted on. Painting will only start when the painter has confirmed that the surface is dry and free of rot, scales, cracks, etc. If all or any of these are present, he will first take care of them. Yes, these are not actual painting jobs, but they will affect the quality of painting done, so it is important that they are addressed.

A professional painter will also test the paint on a small portion of the surface to confirm its suitability for that surface. S/he will also decide whether the paint comes with a primer or requires that the surface be primed prior to painting. These are a few professional steps that will ensure a perfect painting.

Lastly, when a professional painter is done painting your home, you will not find your home in a mess. One practice of professional painters is to prep the painting environment, so they do not leave a mess after they are done with their job. You can find a few more steps necessary for painting here:

How to Choose a Professional Painter

Professional Painter Not Sure If You Need Local Professional House Painters? Here’s Why You Do

If you are ready to choose a painter to handle your painting job here’s how to go about it:

  1. Look for highly experienced and reputable painters. Ask around from friends and family for any painting companies that may have done some work for them. If you cannot get any referrals, hit the internet and search. Always look for those with very good reviews.
  2. Ask to see some of their past jobs. This could mean either showing you a portfolio of their work or naming buildings you may know that they painted.
  3. Keep it local. This is very important for a number of reasons. Living in Boulder, Colorado, I should focus on Boulder painters near me. It will be easier to communicate with them and see jobs in the area they have handled. I will also likely save some money because they won’t have to come in from a long distance.
  4. Lastly, ensure you are getting good value for your money. When you compare quotes from different painting companies in your area, do not just go for the lowest quote, go for the best value.

With all the above, you should be able to get a professional painter that will ensure you enjoy the full benefits of working with one.


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