Mistakes To Avoid While Marble Floor Cleaning

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Marble floors look beautiful in rooms, hallways or any other spaces in which they are placed. Though any combination of types and colors can be used, it is important to take care of them properly. This prevents the marble floors from spoiling and ensures their longevity as well as stunning appearance. However, in this regard, it is a good idea to keep certain points in mind. These include specific mistakes that need to be avoided while cleaning marble floors.

1. Forgetting to Seal the Marble Floor Properly

An essential part of marble floor cleaning is ensuring that it is sealed after the floor is installed. Equally important is maintaining that seal by getting it redone at regular intervals, which for instance maybe three years. The seal acts as a protective layer on the marble’s surface that prevents marks and especially damage.

2. Dropping Food or Using Cleaning Agents which have Acid in Them

The acid of any kind, including lime juice or vinegar, can damage the marble floor. For this reason, it is important not to drop any kind of food that contains acid. For instance, if even a few drops of milk are spilled on a marble floor, each drop leaves a mark. Similarly, with regard to cleaning agents, those having acid need to be avoided completely. The reason being, that they will corrode the surface and damage the marble floor.

3. Postponing the Cleaning of Any Type of Spillage

Spillage of any kind is likely to leave stains on the marble if it is not cleaned promptly and properly. This is one of the most vital points to remember for ensuring correct marble floor cleaning. Being porous, the spillage can seep through the marble, giving rise to permanent marks and spots. This can tarnish the appearance of the marble floor and even gradually damage it.

4. Not Maintaining a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Marble floor cleaning does require the maintenance of a regular cleaning schedule in order to maintain its luster. This is the best way of preventing dust and grime from collecting on the surface and causing damage including scratches. While floor-mats lessen the amount of dirt carried in by shoes, damp mops are needed to wipe away the rest. This contributes to increasing the shine on the marble’s surface.

Thus, a combination of a correct, good and regular cleaning and maintenance schedule is crucial. Along with this, ‘vigilance’ helps in ensuring that cleaning and preventive measures are followed properly. These, in turn, make sure that the beauty and shine of the marble floor are preserved.

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