7 Reasons Couples Seek Marriage Counseling

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By Sarah Jay

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Marriage is a wonderful commitment that can bring about lifelong bliss. However, few marriages last without having some issues along the way. When these issues arise and cannot be easily resolved, many couples look to the guidance of a marriage counselor for help.  When most couples think of marriage counseling, they believe it is something that should be a last resort before getting a divorce. And though many couples do wait until they are near divorce to work through their problems, marriage counseling is much more helpful if issues are addressed beforehand.

There are many ways that a marriage can benefit from counseling, and they are not all serious issues. Though most couples wait until something serious has occurred (such as infidelity), many couples also benefit from discussing less serious concerns such as communication problems or disagreements. Here are seven common reasons couples seek the help of a marriage counselor.

Strengthen Relationship Before Marriage Begins

Some couples head to marriage counseling as a preventative measure. They may seek out a counselor at the beginning of their marriage or even before they tie the knot. Some pastors or officials may require this kind of counseling before marrying the couple, or the couple may choose this on their own to set a good foundation for their marriage.

One of the reasons newly married couples partake in counseling is to address the minor problems in their relationship before making this lifelong commitment. This is a wise decision as working through issues early on in the marriage can prevent them from snowballing into major problems.

Furthermore, some couples will seek counseling for advice and guidance on navigating the journey ahead. Many couples may love each other deeply but don’t always know how to navigate marriage. By meeting with a therapist early on, they can learn tips and strategies to navigate difficult or troubling times and develop efficient communication to keep their bond strong.

Financial Problems

Though many people believe that money will never get in the way of their love, the reality is quite different. Many marriages end over money problems as finances can cause much strain and distress. For example, there may have been a major expense or investment that caused financial difficulties, or perhaps one partner has made some major financial mistakes that affect both partners. Finances can cause quite a strain on a relationship, so this is a common reason why couples seek marriage counseling.

Communication Problems

Even after spending years together, not every couple will always be on the same page. Assuming otherwise is a common reason why married couples have so many arguments and problems. Effective communication is the foundation for any successful relationship. Any issues with this will make it difficult for couples to navigate their day-to-day lives and any significant concerns that arise.

Luckily, understanding this problem early on and seeking help from a therapist can fix this issue. Therapists help couples communicate more effectively and work through their arguments and discussions without resorting to damaging behavior.

Challenging Life Situations

Love is easy when life is going well. However, a job loss, accident, health scare, or other significant situation can throw a wrench in a great marriage. These issues cause considerable distress for the couple, putting a huge strain on their relationship.

Therapists help couples through these transitions by giving them a safe space to process their emotions and communicate effectively. They help the couple work together to cope with the situation or find a solution to it.

Constant Arguing

Arguments are a normal part of any relationship. As long as they don’t resort to hurtful words or more harmful actions, they can be a normal and healthy way to work through conflict and problems in the marriage. However, if two partners argue frequently and can’t seem to work through their differences, then there may be a bigger issue at hand.

Therapists help couples work through their arguments and develop better and healthier ways of communication. They can also guide the couples towards resolving their disputes or work them towards a compromise, especially if the disagreements are about important aspects of their lives, such as raising children or making career changes.


Betrayal and unfaithfulness are the most difficult challenges to overcome in a marriage. Though some couples find a way to heal a relationship after such a challenge, they often require a therapist for some help.

It can be hard to develop intimacy and trust again after a major betrayal. However, a therapist can help couples rebuild their relationship again so they can continue to have a happy marriage in the future. They can also help prevent future betrayals or unfaithfulness by getting to the root of what caused it in the first place. A therapist can help the couple strengthen their love again and reaffirm their commitment to each other.

Prevent Divorce

As mentioned earlier, many couples seek out the help of a therapist to avoid divorce. At this point, they are using therapy as a last resort to keep the marriage intact. Though some couples do manage to heal their relationship and keep their marriage going, the fact is that if a couple waits until this long for help, it is going to be much harder to repair the marriage. Nevertheless, a therapist can help the couple work through their problems and incorporate strategies, behaviors, and communication that can help rebuild the relationship.

Bottom Line

Going to marriage counseling doesn’t necessarily mean that your marriage is failing. Though many couples wait until things are dire to seek help, the truth is that you can head to counseling earlier to avoid the issues in the future.

As you can see, there are many ways that a counselor can help your marriage. Though they can help you avoid divorce, you and your partner can also seek their help for more minor issues. By working with a therapist, you can learn great tools and strategies to navigate difficulties and conflicts and also create more intimacy and happiness between you two. For even more tips on cultivating a great and happy marriage, you can find more resources here.

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