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By Sarah Jay

When you listen to the word drawing, you will think of some of the world-famous painters. Osamu Tezuka is one of the very few names. In the early 1990s, Osamu Tezuka built a story-based company. He died in 1989. In memory of Osamu Tezuka, the company sold best-selling products under Tezuka  Osamu production. And the company succeed very much. At the same time company also released live-action anime series, movies, and video games. But the company reminds the trademark style of its founder Osamu Tezuka’s affection for Japanese manga. Osamu Tezuka heartily wants to publish more and more comic books for kiddies. The company gives tribute to its founder by producing comics with historical figures, science fiction, and flora fauna in their background pictures.

And their next move was when they introduced comics into serialized story format. That move stated that Japanese Manga would dominate the comics industry near future. Here is the article that will discuss all about Japanese manga. Moreover, how they ruled the world comics industry.

Origin Of Manga Name-

In the Japanese language, it means “to draw” and “comics”. I have to say first one thing, Japanese has not had similar taste in comics as European or American. They liked different types. As an example, the Japanese love to read comics right to left but others read them left to right. This type of comic has a story of more maturity. They also had some superheroes and action-adventure, but not very common.

In the early 1900s, Japanese comic was published first and newspaper strip comics were published in 1910. Besides, the independent publishers produced comics for japan a long ago. It creates the market for the comic industry. As of expert, you can easily conclude that these types of publications are the real bottom line of today’s modern manga.

What Is Manga?

Manga refers to a wide range of comics and graphic novels. This type of novel is mainly produced in Japan. “Manga” word originated from japan’s local language. It means “to paint”.

Most of the western countries’ comic books are generally printed colorfully. But Japanese manga rarely printed their comics in color.  They always try to keep comics in black & white color. However, full-color comics were released only in the case of a special edition of comics.

Western comics are mainly based on movements and extreme emotion. But in the case of manga, it is more about storytelling.  manga, script is related to everyday life, a local people can relate him with story’s character.

And this type of little thing emerged in the manga, more than in comics. Now it can be called mang-based literature or manga-based books.

Know Visual Language Of Manga-

Manga is always discussable over unorthodox styles. It is more about sweatdrops, nosebleeds, and Speedline overload. Moreover, nobody looks into the matter that how the art elements and speech balloons are structured to steer your stare on the page. Maybe, it is defined more like that.

Structure of the any art is a major factor in its growth. Manga is not out of this. Most manga is published 15-30 pages weekly. Once manga is translated and published in the US. the reader so much loves it, that they want much manga as much as possible. They are ready to pay enough money to purchase the next timely scheduled article.

The Difference Between Manga And Anime-

Anime and Manga are both ar invented in Japan. Both have similar qualities and some different qualities.

Anime is also an umbrella form of animation. Listening to the word anime most people thought of the adaption of manga series. Like Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. both the hows gained popularity in the 1990s when they released West.

On the other side, if manga comics get popular, they became anime. It can be vice-versa. Some popular anime became manga. Moreover, these two terms are not interchangeable.

You can easily answer Manga is print and anime is animation. This can be called a difference.

How Manga Captured Entertainment Industry?

In 1950 Japanese comics made their debut in the US. In addition, American people are looking for a new taste in the entertainment actor. As it entered this fertile market the new readers are crazy for it. The American comic book industry tried to adopt this style to reach the demand for comics, also that was referring to American comic superheroes like batman and superman.

Evolution Of Manga In Digital Platforms

As technology advances, everything goes exponentially. From the media industry to the entertainment industry everything grows. The popularity of digital comic books goes high. Readers were happy because they were able to purchase easily single-page comics or single chapters on their digital services like cell phones.

The young generation loves the digital platform. This evolved into a digital platform to increase the reader among the young generation. Who often go to the library for a comic book. And this also includes the reader who has never been interested in comics generally. They were mostly mature readers and women.

Read Manga Comics With Mangago

As the digital version of manga rises, anime and webtoon have boosted the demand. Mangago is the site where mang a comics are free of cost. They offer it who do not have enough money to buy it. Besides, school kid loves it, because it is user-friendly and they also know how to control computer and smartphone.

Mangago always offers their audience a wide range of comic books and they can choose whatever they like. An example, is an adventure, action, romance, fantasy, or cooking and comedy. In addition, Mangago doesn’t give advertisements on the site and it also doesn’t need any registration.

So, I think it’s a perfect place for readers who wants to enjoy mang a.

What Is The Future Of Japanese Comic?

Japanese Manga’s future is very bright. They facing major growth and continuously expanding. At present times the are almost 12 publishers in only Japan. Also in China and Taiwan, there are Manga publishers

Manga gained more and more publicity, with the mature comic readers and non-japanese Mang a fans. Moreover, the industry brings more stories from different countries and different cultures into its collection.

But one can not predict the future. If the future generations took today’s manga? Will, they be charmed by the storytelling and characterization as today?

All industries can survive by evolution. As technology and the era will advanced, Manga has advanced with the era. If they are able to do it, they can survive easily.

But only time will say. We have to wait for time.

What Is The Position Of Current American Graphic Novel?

In the meantime, the manga industry also growing in America. The comic industry of America was struggling to stand due to rapidly changing habits and other competition of similar genres. And it captured the market and emerged as a new attractive alternative.

In 2014, the first manga in the English language, “Attack On Titan” became a massive hit in the USA.  However, the very next year first American English manga comic book was published namely “One Man punch”. The story is based on a young man who saves the world.

The previous success of both “Attack On Titan” and “One Punch Man” excited more to publish Japanese manga. As of now, Japanese manga was published more in the US than before.


It walks a long way. From beginning as a newspaper drawing to a global industry. It is remarkable growth. This industry is continuously updating with time. They published exciting comics regularly.

The only question that will knock is, will the future generation take manga as today?

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