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As work gets more sophisticated, so do the technologies that help make it happen. Increasing technical demands call for extended visual workspaces. Remote workers need lightweight high-performance equipment to meet their needs. Enter the Ricoh 150 Series, a collection of portable monitors in wired and wireless versions. With durable ultralight constructions, lightning-fast response times, and sharp image quality, these monitors are ideal solutions for modern professionals. 

Productivity Everywhere

The Ricoh 150 Series brings super-sharp visual quality to any workspace. This portable OLED monitor comes in two versions: the 150 wired and 150BW wireless. Both models offer easy connectivity, flexible display angles, and a small desktop footprint. 

Fast and Simple Connectivity

Ricoh’s 150 portable monitors feature two USB-C ports for power, charging, and connecting to other devices. Both the wired and wireless versions easily link up to Microsoft Windows and MacOS systems, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. The 150BW connects wirelessly via Miracast, displaying from up to two devices at a time. Miracast technology also lets you multicast to as many as five 150BW monitors. 

Flexible Display Options

Each Ricoh 150 monitor has an integrated stand for flexible display capabilities. Using this adjustable stand, you can set the monitor’s viewing angle between 16 and 75 degrees. Its vibrant OLED display supports 10-point touch technology. These 10 simultaneous points of contact allow you to swipe, drag, pinch, zoom, rotate, and manipulate your display in other ways. The optional Ricoh Stylus pen gives you more precise input options. 

Crystal-Clear Images

The 150’s OLED display delivers bright colors with very high contrast and fast motion. With a response time of only 1 millisecond, you enjoy more realistic images with reduced motion blur and fewer visual artifacts. Extend your visual workspace with multiple monitors without skipping a beat. 

Extreme Portability

Ricoh’s 150 Series portable monitors boast slim lightweight designs and 15.6-inch viewing areas. Effortlessly portable, they fit into most laptop bags, travel backpacks, and carry-on bags. The 150BW weighs a mere 1.58 pounds and measures 0.5 inches at its thickest point. The 150 wired model is even lighter, weighing only 1.23 pounds and measuring 0.19 inches at its thickest point. 

Supporting Your Whole Workforce

Ricoh 150 portable monitors provide superior performance for both remote and in-office workers. Other solutions from Ricoh deliver optimal productivity for your entire workforce. Its desktop scanner models include the fi-8170, designed with Clear Image Capture for accurate data capturing and scan speeds of up to 70 pages per minute. For workers on the go, the Scan Snap ix100 offers battery-powered scanning with both USB and WiFi connectivity. Ricoh’s laser projector models include the PJ 5860, a compact machine for small and mid-sized rooms, along with the PJ 6600 designed for larger spaces.

Technologies for Modern Work

Remote workers have the power and freedom to set up their offices virtually anywhere. Robust functionality, flexibility, and high performance are critical for the technologies they use. Whether at the office or in the field, Ricoh scanners, projectors, and portable monitors provide world-class support for the modern workforce.

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