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Homeowners frequently are faced with the decision of air conditioning repair vs. replacement, with new systems potentially increasing resale value and cutting energy costs. Purchasing a replacement system could potentially increase both these factors simultaneously. An AC contractor can assist in selecting the appropriate option for your household, but only you fully comprehend your home and its needs.

1. Decreased Energy Efficiency

AC systems consume considerable amounts of energy when operating, becoming one of the primary energy consumers for many households during summer months and contributing to peak power demands. They produce greenhouse gases; upgrading to a more energy-efficient system could significantly decrease your consumption as well as help lower environmental impact.

If your current AC unit is over ten years old, it may be worth replacing it with something more energy-efficient. Switching to one with a higher Season Energy Efficiency Ratio rating (SEER), will save both upfront and ongoing costs by using much less electricity to run it. Newer units offer significantly better SEER ratings than older models which consume far less power overall.

AC systems are among the greatest energy consumers in any home, costing approximately $11 billion each year on average in U.S. homes alone. By choosing an efficient new AC unit, the Department of Energy estimates you can reduce electricity bills by 20-40% a year.

Air conditioners should be appropriately sized for your house to achieve maximum energy efficiency. A poorly sized unit may waste money by cycling on and off frequently. By choosing an appropriately sized system, not only can energy bills be lowered significantly but maintenance expenses will also be minimized while increasing its lifespan.

2. Uncomfortable Temperatures

If your unit takes more energy and time than expected to reach a comfortable temperature, investing in a new AC system may be necessary. Now is an opportune time to upgrade home comfort through innovations like zoning systems or variable speed technology that could increase home comfort significantly.

Your supply vents may also be blocked by furniture and other objects, making the AC ineffective at evenly cooling your home. In such instances, obstructions must be cleared from supply vents so air flows freely.

Home insulation improvements can be completed independently; however, professional help may be required for attic, basement, and crawl space issues. With proper insulation in place, your AC can work more effectively to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

If your current AC equipment has been struggling to keep your home cool, it could be an indication of its age and in need of replacing. By investing in air conditioning replacements you will benefit from a consistently comfortable indoor environment while saving on energy costs. Not only that, but you will gain peace of mind knowing your family is protected against heat waves.

3. Warm Air Coming from Your Vents

If warm air is flowing from your vents, the first step to take should be checking whether your thermostat’s fan settings are set to “on.” In this position, your unit will continually release warm air into your home despite what the temperature might be inside – leading to unnecessary waste of energy and money.

Your air conditioner could also be lacking refrigerant – the chemical substance inside its system that makes cooling possible – which means less cooling is happening as intended. Without enough refrigerants available to it, its job becomes compromised and warm air becomes pulled in rather than cool air being expelled through your vents.

Your outdoor unit could also be failing, which would explain why warm air is coming through your vents. Perhaps its breaker switch was accidentally turned off, which then shut down all aspects of the system. Resetting this breaker may help (which you can learn how to do here) although professional AC services must also conduct an assessment and repairs on it to guarantee quality services and results.

An issue with your drain line could also explain why warm air is coming through your vents. Every air conditioner produces moisture as a by-product of cooling the air, but when this excess moisture cannot leave through its intended route (i.e.: through a drain), it accumulates inside of your home causing moisture to remain and possibly contributes to problems like mold growth.

4. High Utility Bills

An unexpectedly higher electric bill might not necessarily signal something is amiss in your household appliances, though it could indicate AC problems that necessitate running longer to adequately cool your home.

Leaks in your ductwork, dirty air filters, low refrigerant levels, failing parts, and an old AC can all contribute to high electric bills. By having a licensed HVAC technician come perform routine maintenance visits on your system, you can rest easy knowing these issues have been addressed and that everything is running efficiently again.

Newer ACs offer improved energy efficiency, meaning they use less power to produce the same amount of cooling, helping keep costs low while protecting the environment with reduced emissions. This will keep costs manageable while helping conserve precious natural resources like air.

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