How To Choose High Quality Essential Oils

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By Sarah Jay

Did you know that the global essential oil industry is worth over $20 billion?

Essential oils are great for creating a welcoming ambiance and boosting your mood, but not all products are created equally. If you want to ensure that you never waste your money, then learning how to find high-quality essential oils should be a top priority.

Do you want some help figuring out how to identify high-quality essential oils? Keep reading for 5 expert tips that can help you navigate this massive market and love every purchase you make.

Buy From High-Quality Essential Oil Brands

It’s important to keep in mind that the FDA doesn’t regulate essential oils, so spotting shady businesses can be tricky. This is why you should seek out brands that have built trust and proven that their products are legitimate.

If you’re on the hunt for high-quality essential oils for a diffuser, then you can never go wrong with shopping at places like

Check Out the Packaging

Essential oils have a set shelf life and there are a few manufacturing tricks that can keep the products fresh for as long as possible.

One of the easiest ways to tell if an essential oil was made well is to examine the packaging. If the bottle is dark to keep out damaging light and the seal is tight, then it’s clear that the company cares about quality control.

Read Product Reviews

Anyone who doesn’t have a trained nose may not be able to detect any notes of impurity. When in doubt, you can always count on online reviews from other shoppers with more experience to see if they’ve enjoyed their purchase.

Whenever an essential oil has lots of incredible reviews, you can feel confident that your money will be well spent.

Pay Attention to the Prices

Pure essential oils require thousands of plants to make a small bottle. Knowing this fact will help you understand why the prices are higher than lower-quality blends.

If a deal seems too good to be true, then you should take your business elsewhere because a business might be trying to scam you.

Get Familiar With the Labels

Pure essential oils will include the normal and Latin names of any plants that are in a product. The label should state valuable information like how the oils were extracted. And how the plants were grown, and which parts of the plants were used.

Labels that have other filler ingredients are not high-quality.

Are You Ready to Buy High-Quality Essential Oils?

High-quality essential oils can improve your lifestyle in all kinds of impressive ways. Now that you know how to weed out the fakes. You can look forward to filling your home with the most luxurious scents on the market.

Was this guide on how to find the best high-quality essential oils helpful to you? Since your home should be your happy place, why stop at essential oils? Click through our blog so you can find more articles that can help you treat yourself to the finer things in life.

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