Top 5 Happy Marriage Tips to Try Out

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By Sarah Jay

Although experts still say that about 50% of marriages end in divorce, the divorce rate is dropping in the United States. While this is a scary statistic, this does not have to be your fate.

Are you in a marriage or committed partnership that needs some help? If you look at the couples around you, chances are each of them has their struggles. Even the happiest couples can find things to work on to improve their relationships.

This post will give you 4 happy marriage tips to strengthen the bond with your loved one. Keep reading for helpful marriage advice.

Ditch The Old Adages

Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t go to bed angry”? Or maybe, “happy wife, happy life”? These phrases can be problematic.

Sometimes, the best thing for you and your partner to do during an argument is walk away. Take time to cool down (even if that means sleeping on it) and address the problem when emotions are calmer.

“Happy wife, happy life” trivializes the emotional needs of both partners and plays into dated stereotypes of men and women’s roles in a relationship. So the first of the happy marriage tips: ditch old adages and find what works for you and your partner.

Improve Communication Skills

The first step to improving communication is recognizing poor communication. Aggressive, passive-aggressive, and avoidant communication fail to bring you and your partner closer. Recognize these bad communication habits and commit to trying something new.

For better communication, try “I” statements. “I feel hurt when you prioritize work over me” will land better than “You only care about work and not me!” “I” statements avoid the trap of placing blame and keep your partner from instantly becoming defensive.

Assess Equity of Housework

A standout in the list of successful marriage tips is to assess the equity of household assignments. A major point of contention in many relationships is the division of household labor. If there is an imbalance of labor, it’s easy for resentment to creep in.

Chores don’t need to be split equally–AKA 50/50. They should be split equitably. An equitable division of labor takes into account preferences, schedules, and abilities.

Try Couple’s Therapy

If you often find yourself thinking “I hate my husband” or “I just can’t stand my wife” it’s likely time to try couple’s therapy. A licensed therapist can offer professional marriage counseling tips tailored to your unique situation and relationship.

During your sessions, the therapist offers a neutral third party to help you and your partner uncover the deep issues in your relationship. Then, using researched strategies can help you and your partner reconnect in more authentic ways.

These Happy Marriage Tips Can Help!

If you and your partner are committed, your relationship doesn’t have to be destined for failure. Incorporate these happy marriage tips into your life and see what amazing connection awaits you on the other side of your relationship turbulence.

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