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Since Given season 1 premiered it has proved why everyone is talking about this animation series. This cartoon series is so popular worldwide that it got so much love from the enthusiastic people of the cartoon series. Many such people have watched this series more than two times. This has been a hit and hugely popular. At present, they are eagerly waiting for the Given season 2. With the help of super animation ability, Given Season 1 has been enormously creative. In this context, there is good news. To bring back the performance and recital of feelings, the best-treasured boy band is back.

Japanese cartoons are one of the most popular exports of anime products. This medium is so popular it has occupied the bulk of it. These products are in the form of hand-drawn cartoons. If you take a look, almost 60% of the world’s animated TV series have some link with Japan. The mainstay behind all these is their progress in the animation world. Like other animation series, the popularity of Given Season 1 is in the collaborative approach by the animation media. It mainly depends on the inputs from a range of artists. You also include feedback from the fans. When you include the fans it becomes like pop culture; it becomes a living thing.

Given is directed by Hikaru Yamaguchi and illustrated and written by Natsuki Kizu. It is a part of a famous Japanese manga series. It has also been serialized in the manga magazine Cheri since 2013. It has a record of the collection of six tankobon volumes from Shinshokan. First, it came into the limelight in 2016 as an audio drama. Later by looking at the popularity of the series, it appeared as an anime television series in 2019 by Lerche.

On 19th September 2019, the movie was announced. Though it was later postponed. It was later decided to be released on 22nd August 2020. The whole series was released on Blu-ray and DVD on 3rd February 2021. Crunchyroll announced that the movie will begin airing on the service in February 2021.

In the manga,  2 seasons of movies have already taken place. Probably that is why they are going for the second season of the series. As far as Given season 2 is concerned, fans are too curious about the story.

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# Given season 2 premiere time:

The first season of “Given” premiered on 12th July 2019 with 12 episodes and ended on 20th September 2019. This anime has a set of 5 volumes to date so far; those volumes have had a very intermittent release schedule. Most people assume that manga is far away from over and the author is a little bit incoherent with publishing.

There is no official announcement of the Given season 2 release date but the fans should not anticipate that the anime will come back until at least mid-2022. Unfortunately, currently, it is not clear whether the series will return with another season. Actually, the problem is the anime has covered overall all available content from the manga.

Considering the ratings, the production team tries to cover all the contents and seems to release season 2 with such interest. Following the release time of the anime, Given season 2 might release in 2022, potentially 2023, actually it depends on the rate which is written by the new author.

# Cast & characters:

The main characters of this series are:

Ritsuka Uenoyama, a 16 years old high school boy and the lead guitarist of the band. He is very talented and has practiced with the instruments since he played guitar from childhood. In this series, he lost his passion for guitar as he got closer to Mafuyu. Makoto Furukawa’s voice in the audio drama and Yuma Uchida’s voice in the anime.

Mafuyu Sato, a 16 years old high school boy and the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band. Mafuyu is a gifted singer and musician and rapidly becomes a skilled guitarist, songwriter, and singer. He owns a Pomeranian named Kedama. In the audio drama, Soma Saito gives voice and in anime Shogo Yano gives voice.

Haruki Nakayama, a 22 years old graduate student, is the oldest member of the band as well as the bandleader and band’s bassist. He has a crush on Akihito and wants to date him. In audio drama Yasuaki Takumi gives voice and in anime Masatomo Nakazawa gives voice.

Akihiko Kaji, is a 20 years old college student and drummer of the band. He is experienced in violin as well as other instruments. He had relationships with men as well as women and mastered the matters of romance and love. Satoshi Hino voices in audio drama and Takuyu Eguchi voices in anime.

The supporting characters of this series are:

Yuki Yoshida is Mafuyu’s childhood friend and also his boyfriend who attempted suicide.

Ugetsu Murata, a world well-known violinist, and Akihiko’s ex-boyfriend and roommate.

And the other supporting characters are Yayoi Uenoyama, Shogo Italya, Rye Ueki, Hiiragi Kashima, Tsubaki, and Koji Yatake.

# Plot:

“Given” is mainly divided into two important story arcs. The first one primarily focuses on the relationship between Mafuyu and Ritsuka and the second one primarily focuses on the relationship between Haruki and Akihiko. Both are busy preparing for their first and very important music festival.

In the beginning, Ritsuka was a little bit confused about Mafuyu’s talent but then he realized that he is a great singer and approached him to join the band. After the suicide attempt of Mafuyu’s boyfriend, he becomes lonely and fails to complete the lyrics of his song. On the day of the show, he sings songs that define his feelings for his boyfriend. And that’s how the romance between them starts and they end up kissing backstage after the show.

“Given” is the band name which is an honor to Yuki who gave his guitar to Mafuyu. After the breakthrough concert, the band continuously participates in major music programs.  But their relationship is in danger when Akihiko starts dating his so-called ex-boyfriend.

# English dub:

The English translation of the manga is licensed by Viz Media Animate in North America while the film and the anime are syndicated Japan’s outside streamed by Crunchyroll. The first episode was released in November 2014 in Japan but it was released with an English dub in February 2020. The six volumes were released on 3rd August 2020 in Japan and it is assumed that it will premiere with an English dub on June 8, 2021. English dubs are helpful for those who can not understand the Japanese language. Due to the dubbing, it has now worldwide outreach.

# Music:

On the facade, it’s a music anime, so obviously, music is top-notch and the series theme song “our own theme song” is very famous. Even the style of the animation perfectly fits with its theme and it becomes thrilling if it is continued this way. It is an anime that demands you to invest your time in it. In animation series, the music has to be top-notch stuff which can bring more people to associate with it. Season 1 has been successful due to the music of the classical gem Michiru.

# Staff:

Director: Hikaru Yamagachi

Character design: Mina Osawa

Script: Yuniko Ayana

Art director: Ayano Okamato

Photography director: Naoki Serizawa

Color design: Hiroaki Kaguhi

Editing: Rie Itou

Music: Michiru

Sound director: Hiromi Kituda

Original creator: Natsuki Kizu

Studio: Lerche

Theme song: Centimilimental

# Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the premier channel given?

Ans: It premiered on Fuji TV.

Q. How many episodes will it contain?

Ans: The first season had 11 episodes. And it seems that season 2 also has 10-12 episodes.

Q. What is the rating of season 1?

Ans: Present ratings of season 1 are 4.9 out of 5 in Crunchyroll, 8.31 out of 10 in my anime list, and 8.3 from 10 in IMDB.

Q. When was the season 2 trailer released?

Ans: Well there is no update about the season 2 trailer so if there is any news we are sure to inform you.

Q. Where can I watch “Given”?

Ans: You can watch it on YouTube, and its premier channel.


The origin of antique techniques of anime is hugely popular in Japan. There is no doubt that the cultural reach of such animation series has a positive impact on the economy of Japan. The success of the animation series remains a mystery.  In the digital age, Japan still has some liking for hand-drawn cartoons and it can create a positive impact on your society.

Having seen the popularity of season 1, producers and channels go for the Given season 2. However, as of now, there is no latest update about it.  If there is any, you will get it from this site.


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