Get To Know The Duties Of A Landscaper and How You Could Be One?

Landscaping is something much more than that of maintaining a good garden. A good landscaper can enhance the beauty of your homes by creating a beautiful garden. A Landscaper is involved with every aspect of a field, yard or a garden like trimming the weeds, sowing seeds, scarping the land, mowing, mulching, digging the soil etc. Although one may think that the roles of a landscaper and a groundskeeper are same, they are not exactly so. A groundskeeper simply takes care of the plants, trees and crops which are already there in the garden, but the role of a landscaper is beyond that. Some of his duties are discussed below:

• The main role of a landscaper is to plant new trees or vegetation in the outdoor of a building or apartment, either residential or commercial.

• Most of the buildings nowadays like schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, resorts etc have a piece of land outside the main building filled with greenery. It enhances the look of the place changing the entire outlook of the building. The landscaper sees to that this space is beautifully maintained.

• They do everything, from growing flowering plants to decorating the space with flowers and pebbles, trimming, watering, replacing the old trees with new varieties, decorating the fountain borders with flowering plants, growing potted plants etc and so on.

• They need to keep themselves updated about the usage of insecticides and pesticides every year. From flowering plants to application of the right kind of fertilizers and hummus they do everything. They also should exactly know how to maintain the moisture content of the plants.

• They should be aware of the usage of instruments and equipment like spade, axe, rake, scissors, choppers etc which they will need frequently for maintaining the plants.

Careers Of A Landscaper

• Landscapers get jobs in big companies or residential complexes to look after the exterior of the house. Although no formal education is necessary for a professional landscaper, a high school certification might be necessary for some big organizations to appoint them.

• After working for a few years, some landscapers may like to start their own independent business. One can also go for a professional golf course designing career with a special training of four years.

The role of a landscaper is crucial in maintaining the exterior beauty of the building. It is not always possible for a common person to look after the beautification and decoration of the garden areas at the building exterior. Under such circumstances, the need for a professional landscaper becomes mandatory.

Objectives Of A Landscaper

• The landscapers need to undertake any project with honesty and perfection.
• They need to look after the pollution of the environment.
• They look after the environment balancing with the upcoming industrial growth.
• They raise the standards of landscape projects with the best materials and technology invented.
• Customer satisfaction is a key objective of a professional landscaper.
• They strive for a better environment with more greenery around, cleaner and more beautiful environment, breathtaking ambiance and pollution free surrounding.

Certifications Of A Landscaper Technician

A person needs to apply for the state level examination on pesticides for becoming a trained landscaper. Apart from this, there are various other certifications which can be done for a professional degree in landscaping which is as follows:

• Landscape Industry Certified Exterior Technician Courses
• Landscape Industry Certified Interior Technician courses
• Landscape Industry Certified Horticultural Technician courses
• Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Manager certification course
• Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Technician-National Certification course
• Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Technician Course etc.

Having a good garden is always relaxing to mind but maintaining it is also very important. A professional landscaper is not only a person who has to work with his mind but also with his heart. A beautiful landscape enhances the whole look of a layout.

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